100th Grey Cup: Invitation to our Nation

From CFL.ca:

At a launch event at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto, the 100th Grey Cup Festival committee unveiled details of the historic event coming to Toronto in November 2012.

The Festival will be a celebration of Canadian culture and sport, longer in length and broader in scope than ever before, spanning nine days, ten nights, and showcasing both the great game of Canadian football and the City of Toronto.

“The 100th Grey Cup in 2012 will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the entire history of the Grey Cup and, in that way, celebrate our country, our game, and the unique bond between them,? said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the Canadian Football League.

“It will also be a time to proudly and confidently launch our next 100 years. This will be a national celebration that will touch Canadians from coast to coast. And we’re thrilled it will culminate here in Toronto, where it all began with the very first Grey Cup in 1909.?

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The Festival co-chairs were also introduced:

At a launch event today at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto, the 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee named Rick Brace, President, Specialty Channels and CTV Production, Bell Media, and Anatol von Hahn, Group Head, Canadian Banking, Scotiabank, co-chairs of the 100th Grey Cup Festival, coming to Toronto in 2012.
Rest of article at [url]http://www.cfl.ca/article/brace-and-von-hahn-named-festival-co-chairs[/url]

I wonder... with Rick Brace's position at Bell Media, do you think there's an actual chance the game could be broadcast on CTV?

Broadcasting on CTV would be great but... There is no longer over the air broadcasts so that argument is out of it. Regardless, CTV should be playing all Grey Cup games, it is ridiculous that they don't.

Can the game be broadcast on YouTube is the bigger question.

Access is still an issue. TSN is not part of basic cable while CTV is.

Well if you're going to "give the game" away, then make it available CTV, YouTube whatever. :?


Woooooo, Great Video! I'm getting psyched!


I agree. Neat video.
Toronto always puts on a good show when it's an event, this won't be any different.
My hope is that the argos see positive buildup for 2012 this season and that it continues.

Our game is almost 100!
She has had quite a life and lots of stories....truly a great Canadian icon and event. :thup:

Okay, some might view this as nitpicky and I am fine with that. Different perspectives and all of that. But shouldn’t we be making formal plans for the 100th Grey Cup when the 99th is over? Come on! What’s the rush here? Isn’t this kind of stepping on the toes of the Vancouver Grey Cup Committee? Suppose you throw a party. Then, before the event, your neighbour down the street invites your guests to attend HIS party, which he promises to be even bigger and splashier; he’s got a ton of big sponsors on board.

Now, I “get” that the 100th is a historic occasion, and no one at the press conference or in the press release today said ‘don’t attend the 99th Grey Cup’ (I’m sure it will still be an unqualified success in its own right). I just think it’s bad form to start touting next year’s Grey Cup while the organizers are going balls out trying to launch a successful one in six months time.

Why not? Talk of the 100th is getting me stoked for the.99th really, or any GC before tbis one back whenever. And don’t nations whoop it up when they get to host the World Cup, announced years and years ahead?

As are all of us. We're all CFL junkies on this board.


This is driving me nuts. I recognize the song at 2:11 (well timed to coincide with the kicking of the football), but I can't figure out the name of the performer or the song. Somebody help me!

I also recognize the song but can't remember the band or name. Damn. That's gonna bug me. Thanks a lot! :lol:

Sounds a little like Rock and Roll Part 1 (also known as The Hey Song) by Gary Glitter.

im pretty sure the band is the black keys. but i cant remember the name of the song. its their latest single though.

I thought Black Keys too. I checked youtube, but couldn't find that song. I'll have to try again.

Blue Blood's hint + canadianhothead's hint = bing bing bing bing!

The song is Howlin' for You by the Black Keys which features a sample of the distinctive drum beat from the Gary Glitter song.


"Who won the 100th Grey Cup?" is destined to become a timeless question asked for many generations to come. However, the best trivia question will be not the one to which everyone knows the answer, but "who won the 99th Grey Cup?" :wink:

That makes says. When Canadianhothead mentioned a new single, I thought, no, that's an old song. :lol:

Which points to how old I am that I recognized the drum beat and not the song. :lol:

I bet you're not a day over 21. :wink: