100th Grey Cup Coin(s)?

There's a thread in the Riders Forum about a 100th anniversary loonie for the Riders. According to the last post in that thread, special coins need to be planned 2 years in advance, so unless somebody thought it about this a while ago, the time has probably passed for a Rider loonie. The 100th Grey Cup, however, is scheduled for 2012, still more than 2 years away, so it's not too late to mark that date with a coin or a coin series (might be too late for a series), unless it gets started. Perhaps a Grey Cup loonie and/or a series of quarters, one for each team. Whaddya think?

dont know anyone from this site that would appose the idea. then again we're the more diehard fans...
who do we present this idea to ...?

I suppose the Royal Canadian Mint would be the place to contact.

Or the commish.

Canada Post did speciall 100th anniversary stamps for the Canadiens last year. Would be great to see a Roughriders stamp series as well.

Let's put it this way, if there is no special 100th stamp or coin, I will offically say I don't give a shiiiite about Canada. How I will act this act this out, I don't know, but believe me I will act it out in some way.

The league just needs to convince Canadians that our game matters.....the way the hockey people have managed to brainwash the masses for the past 10-15 years. It's no coincidence why you see hockey featured in an alarming number of Canadian TV commercials today. A case in point, those awful introspective, self-contratulatory, this-is-what-Canada-is-all-abewt Molson ads that are selling a healthy dose of hockey and patriotism with their beer - but NEVER show a Canadian football. Ever.

We need a company to grab the "This Is Our League" message by the nuts and promote the heck out it. Then maybe we'll start seeing 100th Anniversary Grey Cup coins and the like.

This is Our Game on youtube has 127,600+ views, so I'd say it's pretty popular. The best marketing the CFL can have is already happening — TSN is showing every single game with A+ production values. I suppose CTV could help out even a little by advertising TSN games, and maybe the CFL could put up a few billboards in high density areas, but beyond that what is there? It's already in all the social media, in multiple forms. Every game is on internet radio, and local broadcast radio. Major newspapers, as irrelevant as the print editions are becoming, at least have some coverage.

The G.C. was the sports event of the year last year. All in all the CFL seems to be doing very well. I'm betting there will be something to commemorate it.

You can (and should) write to the Royal Canadian Mint here:

[url=http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/customer-service/contact-us-1100004]http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/customer- ... us-1100004[/url]

Thanks for the link rpaege.. Done and done =) I'll let ya know what they tell me.. But seriously one person doesn't make much of a difference, I'm sure if they were hit with an influx of questions on it, they'd deffinately see more value in printing a coin or set of coins. hint hint wink wink nudge nudge

That would be a great idea to have some sort of commemorative stamp or coin in honor of the 100th Grey Cup.

thanks for the link, i put a suggestion for the 100th grey cup coin as well.

i'd give TSN an A for production...i'd give them the A+ after they do the following:

i would like to see TSN use the cable cam for more than just the Grey Cup.
and have every friday night football game feature the panel live at the stadium.
change the intro song to an instrumental, using instuments that are in the HNIC song.

those are the only 2 improvements TSN can make, IMO....besides dropping rod black...lol

Email sent!

I think the cable cam is awesome, but given the current state of some of the stadiums, it wouldn't be feasible in over half of the stadiums. You could do it in Toronto and BC place, and the Big Owe when they hold Grey Cups there, but the rest of the stadiums don't have the proper setup.

Now that you mention it I have to agree. TSN does do a great job though, given the limitations of some of the stadiums.

they did it for the grey cup at mcmahon stadium...why not other open air venues?
even if you forget the cable-cam, my other 2 recommendations are do-able.

I got an email back from the Mint, with instructions on how to make a suggestion :roll:

I haven't read it all yet because it looked more involved than I had time to bother with before heading out the door to work. I'll try and condense it down and get some clear instructions on how we can get a suggestion to the right people.

All that needs to be done is write a letter to the proper department of the Mint. A lot of the response from the Mint (nos. 2 - 5) is about the process, not what the person making the suggestion has to do.

Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mint. With regards to your request, please note that the RCM has not yet begun to plan its 2012 coin releases yet. Please note that if you would like to submit it as an idea, the procedure to submit new coin ideas is as follows:

[b]1. Submissions for numismatic (collector) or circulation coins may be sent to:
Director of Product Marketing
The Royal Canadian Mint
320 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0G8

In order to properly evaluate a submission, it is suggested that the following information be included:

  •   Theme or anniversary and any relevant dates or celebratory events;
  •   Any relevant promotional activity surrounding the theme or anniversary;
  •   Background information (i.e. historical, Web links);
  •   Requestor's contact information;
  •   Specify if request is for numismatic (collector) or circulation coin.[/b]
  1.  A formal response is drafted and sent in order to confirm receipt of suggestion.
  2.  RCM Marketing conducts market research on all suggestions received against coin consumers for commercial appeal. In addition, themes must:

a. Reflect Canada's heritage, values and culture;
b. Be appropriate to the currency of Canada and commemorate, celebrate, or promote Canada by depicting themes of significance to Canadians;
c. Any text on a coin must be in both of Canada's official languages.

  1.  If a theme is tied to an anniversary, the submission should be made at least 2 calendar years out as product marketing and production plans are developed well in advance.
  2.  All coin products are subject to Government approval:
  •   Numismatic coins are the responsibility of the Minister of State for Transport;
  •   Circulation coins are reviewed by Order in Council (Cabinet).
  1.  Notification of approval is received by the Mint four to five months prior to planned product launch.
  2.  Once a product is approved, individuals submitting product themes are notified of outcomes, both favourable and not.</blockquote>

I posted at the Extra Point (Bombers’ board) about this and the idea was positively received there too. One of the members, galeforce, wrote a letter that can be sent to the Mint to make the request for those who either don’t have the time, energy or skill to draft a letter themselves. I asked her if I could post it here so members here could use it as well (for those of you who don’t cheer for the Bombers, feel free to change Doug Brown to the name of another player or the reference to TD Manitoba :wink: ). Here it is:

Director of Product Marketing The Royal Canadian Mint 320 Sussex Drive Ottawa, ON K1A 0G8

Dear Sir/Madam:

Re: 2012 Grey Cup Commemorative Coin

The Canadian Football League will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup in 2012.

With that in mind, I would like to request that the Royal Canadian Mint honour this unique and venerable Canadian institution by issuing both circulation and numismatic coinage.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) needs no introduction. It is an institution deeply ingrained into the fabric of this great country of ours by remaining true to its Canadian heritage. The CFL is known and celebrated country-wide, providing moments of joy, exhilaration and inspiration for Canadians from Vancouver to Moncton.

Few events have the ability to unite Canadians from coast to coast in the way that the Grey Cup has always done. Grey Cup Week itself is a celebration of Canadian culture, reflecting not only the heritage of the host city but also other cities and provinces as well. As an example, Touchdown Manitoba has hosted a Manitoba-style “social evening” at every Grey Cup since 1991, where it has now become one of the Week’s premier events. The Stampede Breakfast is a Grey Cup tradition going back over 60 years, where the Calgary Stampeder Football Club and the City of Calgary fund the transport of an 18-foot semi-trailer loaded with breakfast supplies to serve more than 5,000 hungry football fans.

CFL football has remained true to its Canadian roots by not only promoting itself across the country but by mandating the utilization of Canadian football players, many of whom have risen to be its most shining stars. Names such as Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel, Norm Kwong, Doug Brown are widely known across Canada and provide inspiration for young football players to pursue a dream of playing professional football in their home country.

The CFL is a rare entity within Canada in that it has remained true to its Canadian self while maintaining its uniquely Canadian aspects from coast to coast. The CFL has truly stood the test of time and deserves to be recognized by the issuing of commemorative coins.

Thank you for your consideration in this regard.