100th Grey Cup, Battle of Alberta! Sorta..

100th Grey Cup

Its the Battle Of Alberta!
Well sorta:

Argos, former Esks.
QB Ricky Ray
WR Maurice Mann
SB Jason Barnes
S Jordan Younger
K Swayze Waters
K Noel Prefontaine

Argos, former Stamps,
LB Robert McCune
LB Brandon Isaac
WR Ken-Yon Rambo

VS Calgary.

I honestly had Montreal VS BC in this years Grey Cup. AC vs Lulay, the best CFL QB vs the next best CFL QB. It would have been a good one. But that is not the case.

With that being said, I have the Calgary Stampeders beating the Toronto Argonauts.

Honestly, id love to see my former Eskimos (listed above) beat the Stampeders to win at home in the 100th Grey Cup.

But when i try and match the teams up, i just cannot look past the John Cornish factor.

Ricky Ray and the Argos can certainly throw the ball. But so can Calgary. Calgarys running game can take ALOT of time off the clock. Unlike Toronto's.

Another question for Toronto is can they shut down Stampeders Receiver Maurice Price?!
He has been on fire of late. And made CFL vet Bryon Parker (BC) look like a rookie in the Western Final.

Argo fans could also say: What if Patrick Watkins can play for Toronto, that also could be a HUGE impact. And the fact that the Argos have the hottest offence in the CFL of late.

I HATE CALGARY! Thats being nice! lol. But i still see them beating the Argonauts.

Well that don't make me feel any better. I just want to punch ET in the mouth even more.