100th Grey Cup, Argos VS Stamps. Predictions

Argos 29 Stamps 25 MVP: Ricky Ray

Problem is their D-Line can’t get pressure on the quarterback. Blitzing the LBs is how the Argos create pressure. Pretty boy Foley is too busy checking himself out in the mirror.

i wonder if the prime minister will be there
i wonder what other famous people will be there

Evidently you've missed my explanations on Toronto's lack of pass rush. Go back and read a couple of my posts.

Not sure how anyone would expect the DLine to generate pressure when they're dropping into coverage. Makes about as much sense as saying the CBs can't get any pressure. Gee, I wonder why?

Im cheering for the Argos but I think Calgary takes it. 30-26 Calgary final!

I say it will be 34-31 Toronto... should be a good game

The PM and his family will be there. So will the governor general and the premiers of Alberta and Ontario (I think I read that anyways). Not sure who else will be there, but I would expect quite a bit of dignitaries and celebrities at the game.

As for my prediction, I believe this will be one of the best Grey Cups in recent memory. It's virtually a toss-up. I'm going to go Argos with a 37-34 victoy. Hopefully we get some overtime to boot.

MVP: Chad Owens
Canadian: Andre Durie

Anyone else concerned that the officiating crew, with the exception of Johnson, has an average experience level of just over 2 Grey Cups? They couldn't find ANY experienced Grey Cup officials to compliment the new guys? :roll:

I hope it doesn't come down to a blown call.

They already missed the clear pick on the Owen touchdown. I hope they do better!

I'm glad the league is thinking ahead and getting some new officials in the game but the idea behind that is so you always have experience in the big game. This is an extremely inexperienced crew. Somehow it makes sense though. The worst head referee in the league is calling the game and the second worst is his back up.

So according to Suitor the block was legal.

First he said it was illegal later he said it was legal.

This is getting to be a stinker game. I want to see a good game. :thdn:

The point is, they got the call correct.

Not even close for Calgary. Why would you hand it off on 3rd and 1?

Finally, Calgary make a good play, sacking Ray.

So according to Suitor the block was legal.
First he said it was illegal later he said it was legal.
The point is, they got the call correct.
Yes they did. I did not know you could pick on that type of play.

Is there really no rule against that tackle on Lewis?

that tackle is a penalty against any other team than the riders or whoever is playing TO! :roll:


A screen is not classed as a passing play, so there is no restriction on contact downfield.