100th Grey Cup, Argos VS Stamps. Predictions

Some 100th Grey Cup Predictions:

  • Ricky Ray throws a crossing pattern to an open Chad Owens. He is nailed by a Stampeder and fumbles the ball.
  • Ricky Ray is sacked more then Kevin Glenn.
  • Marcus Ball leads the Argos in tackles. Has another INT.
  • Chad Owes fumbles on a kick return. (Thats right, 2 fumbles in the Grey Cup).
  • Larry Taylor catches a pass from Kevin Glenn, runs for the Grey Cup winning touchdown.

As someone said earlier, throw out the two previous games; they were both before Labour Day and injury did play a factor. I would say likewise for their regular season records. Both teams are peaking at the right time and are the best in their respective divisions.

Both teams have big play capabilities and both QB's are prone to brain cramps which usually result in pick-sixes.
Toronto was good last week, but Calgary was spectacular. The home-field advantage with no Maple Laffs to watch makes SkyDome a legitimate homefield advantage, which should give TO the edge in the first half of a tight defensive contest (yes, that's what I said).

Toronto should be leading at the half by a couple of points, but I have a sneaking suspicion injury will be the deciding factor in this game as they were in Calgary's last 2 games. Tate had that mysterious injury & Lulay's shoulder didn't look right.

Final Score:
Calgary 29
Toronto 15

This is completely incorrect. Not only do the Argos have the worst home record in the league, they're 1 of only 2 teams with a losing record at home and Calgary's road record is better than Toronto's home record. The Argos are 2-5 at home since 6 August while the Stamps are 5-2 on the road during that time. The Stamps won their last 2 regular season road games and the Argos played 4 of their last 5 at home and went 1-3.

I would say being at Skydome is a home field disadvantage for Toronto.

Really looking forward to seeing Hornish and Owens on the big stage tomorrow. These 2 have become my favorite players by far this season. Should be a tight game, but I predict Toronto taking it 28-24. Thankfully, no tape delay on NBC Sports here in the states as all playoff games have been delayed and shown out of order thus far.

It's Sunday lax. :wink:

Sorry about that, thinking today is Saturday for some reason :?

Calgary is a team of destiny, should be a good close game and not as high scoring as some might expect.


Nik Lewis MVP

Toronto 40 Calgary 30. Argos down 30-26 heading into the fourth quarter, two late TDs, one from an unexpected source (Spencer Watt?).

Spencer Watt, I thought you were going to say PInball :wink:

As long as it is a good football game by both teams I will be happy ... not as happy as if my Stamps win, but happy none the less!

I have said it all along and will continue to say it ... the Stamps are peaking at the right time. This is going to be a very close game and I predict calgary wins on a last second field goal ... just the way we have won (or lost) most of our games this season.

Overall calgary does not just have one weapon that needs to be shut down (everyone keeps saying Cornish is the key, but you are forgetting Walter, Lewis, Price, Bryant, Glenn, Taylor, ... and friends).

A few things make me feel Calgary will take this game;

  1. We have been finding ways to win all year long, regardless of who is in or out of the lineup.
  2. Keon Raymond said it in an interview after the WSF ... "We beleive that as long as there is still time on the board, we can still win the game!" ... with an attitude like that Calgary is a very dangerous team and this statement is indicative of our season to date.
  3. Several of our Veterans know what it is like to go to the Grey Cup and a few of them know what it is like to "miss out" on a Grey Cup. Glenn has carried this team with his leadership all year long. Add to that the addition of Anwar Stewart (Uncle Stew) to our team and there are several highly respected players that have BTDT or Been there and just missed that to help the younger guys through this. I think the team would like to win the GC for Glenn to "thank" him for what he has done for the team and to get him the ring I think most fans would like to see him get. A true sense of purpose or unity like that can be a powerful motivator and can transform an already good team into a GREAT team.

People said that if Glenn was at the helm, we couldn't beat the Lions ... but we're still here and they are on the ski slopes ... just something to think about!


Fixed that first line for you. 8)

Thank you Moses, but I think I had it right the first time! :rockin:


Just trying to be helpful to a misguided Stamps fan. :wink: I hope it is a good game though because last years was a dud.

Yes, I hope it's an exciting game too. Hope it's a game that will make the 100th GC the most memorable in history (so far). If it comes down to the last play with no time left to win it all, that would be great (obviously I'd want the Stamps to win). I hope it will be a well played game with few big mistakes and very few penalties. Anyway, however it turns out, I'm sure it will be great to watch.

As much as I would like to see KG and the Stamps kick some Argo butt, I think Ray and Co. will prevail.
As a fan of the CFL, I have to admit it's probably good for the league if they do win, but as 'Cats fan though, I will probably be sick to my stomach until next year's kick off.

I'd say there's as much chance that Pinball scores a TD tomorrow as there is for Spencer Watt.

if he was suited up and on the field, I would say so too :slight_smile:

Hopefully Toronto learned something from watching the film of last weeks Lions/Stamps game where BC kept blitzing their LBs and got constantly burned for it. Drop the LBs into coverage and let the DLine rush.

Argos can't worry about Glenn getting out of the pocket and running - - he's not going anywhere. That should be something Toronto HOPES for because it gives them the opportunity to get some punishing hits on him if he scrambles. Glenn isn't exactly a durable QB - - Argos knocked him out for the season in the 2007 EDF and put him on the sidelines for a while at ESF in Hamilton two years ago. How great would it be to see 501 Mitchell have to come in?

Can't stress enough how important it is for Toronto to lay the wood on Cornish early in the game. He's great at breaking arm tackles, but once he takes a few big hits Cornish will quit.

One more sleep boys and girls. My prediction is that this is going to be one revved-up game before they ever kick it off.

The outcome:
Argos win it on the last play of the fourth when the flying wing misses hitting three on the dropkick but puts it deep for the rouge.

I am in a really bad mood. so much so that I really hope one team suffers the agony of losing tomorrow. so there, take that, grrrrrr