100th Grey Cup, Argos VS Stamps. Predictions

The Toronto Argonauts (at home) take on the Calgary Stampeders in the 100th CFL Grey Cup.

My prediction:
I HATE to say this (being an Eskimo fan), but the Calgary Stampeders will win the 100th Grey Cup.

Why? Well the biggest factor (imo) is the Calgary's running game. John Cornish should give Calgary an advantage in time of possession. Yes, Ricky Ray is better then Kevin Glenn. But Kevin Glenn has a better offence infront of him. Including the O-line. Calgary's defence is better (imo) as well. Yes Chad Owens is an amazing talent returning kicks. But so is Larry Taylor.

Score prediction:
22-18 Calgary.

Looking forward to the special teams game part for sure....
26-22 Calgary

I predicted 27-21 Montreal over Toronto. Toronto won 27-20. I was pretty damn close! lol! :thup:

In two games against Toronto this year Cornish has been invisible. First game he went 7/39 and second game he went 12/43.

As I explained earlier this year, Cornish can be shut down by getting physical with him early. Just like his buddy Nic Lewis, he loves dishing out blindside hits and cheap shots. But when Cornish gets hit back, he goes into a shell and shuts it down for the day.

and against BC Stamps had a game Cornish was -1

Calgary wins Calgary wins thats my prediction

Tough one to call but overall I'll have to pick the Argos, a lot of weapons on offense and their defense is hot right now.

Hufnagel won't go 0-3 in one year against the same team.

19-16 for the Stamps.

.....IF Glenn can play a game without making crucial mistakes (see pick six by Korey Banks in his last effort) then the stamps will have a good shot at bringing home the Cup....You can't make those kinds of errors against the argos D, they'll make you pay... Also Ray has to be kept on the sidelines as long as possible..Good Luck

Stamps 28- Argos 21...

Stampeders will win, but it will be a close game (I hope so, don’t want to see a blow out either way, would like to see the 100th GC be as exciting as the WSF, come down to the last play).

people change the channel for the Half Time Show…

oh and Toronto wins 36-31

That was Week 2 & Week 8. Calgary was 3-4 at that time. Then finished: 9-2 for a 12-6 Record. Those games mean NOTHING. The Edmonton Eskimos beat Toronto both games and it didnt mean anything come playoffs!


Doesn't matter what time of year it is, or what their record is - - when Cornish gets punched in the mouth he shuts it down. Much like Calvillo - - hit him a few times and he's completely off his game. You can't change the way players are wired.

Some thrive on violence and the more physical the game gets the better they play. Others can't handle it and when things get nasty they go into a shell.

I'm leaning towards a Toronto win -- 28-27 in a classic 100th Grey Cup! Owens gets 2 touchdowns, one in the air and one on specials and Toronto's defense shuts down Jon 'overrated' Cornish. Toronto will be a fun town to be in Sunday!!



33-12 Toronto. Go Argos!!!

I picked both Toronto and Calgary to win last week but this one is less clear to me. Here is why:

  1. Ricky Ray makes fewer mistakes than Kevin Glenn but Calgary has a better overall offensive team. So Glenn keeps away from turnovers Calgary should win. Glenn and/or stamps turn the ball over Argos win.

  2. Chad Owens is a game changer as we all know. Keep him in check Stamps win. Let him loose = Argos win.

  3. I give Argos the nod on defence but Glenn has the running game, short passing game and will look long! The Lions had the best defence in the league but gambled way too much blitzing and got beat badly several times. Argos play smart and bend but do not break on defence Argos win. Glenn shows patience and manages drives utlizing the running game and short and long passing game Stamps win.

  4. If it seems this close special teams and turnovers usually are the difference.

  5. Motivation--- Ray has won a Cup --- Glenn has not and wants one and his team wants him to have one.

  6. Cooler QB under pressure- both are good but I give the nod to Ray.

  7. Scrambling ability- give the nod to Glenn (love his shovel pass in the B.C. game which I think was the play of the game as Calgary was deep in their own zone when Glenn scrambled and shovelled and Calgary got out of a huge field position hole and went on to score.

  8. Home field advantage- At Grey Cup games there are so many fans from across Canada it is not like the other playoff games and less of an advantage.

My heart wants Glenn to win a Grey Cup but my head says the unlikely Argos somehow pull it out. :cowboy:

  • In summary, Saskatchewan is the better team and would have won hand down!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

fixed it for ya

I'm expecting an Argos win. I also expect it to be a close one. I never been good at predicting scores so I'll leave that up to the experts.

I said Edmonton would beat the Argos. I picked Montreal to thump Toronto. So I'm going to stick with what has worked well so far, Calgary 37-17.

Go, Argos Go! :rockin: