100th Grey Cup 2012 Toronto/Hamilton

It’s possible that the 100th Grey Cup could be shared between Toronto/Hamilton. The Grey Cup will be played at Rogers Centre with Hamilton getting some of the event, ex; Players award, etc.
The Vanier Cup could be played on the Saturday in Hamilton.

I hope the theatre boys can do some sort of play for the 100th Grey Cup, something about a reanactement of the first 1909 Cup, or the first time the west one one in '35 with Winnipeg or the 1874 Harvard-McGill matches where the Harvard boys decided the Canadian rugby game was better than the soccer game they were playing, whatever, something anyways. That would be neat if something like this was done.

If the game is played in Toronto... its a Toronto Grey Cup. Plain and simple.

Hamilton can put on a much better Grey Cup than toronto, they wont even have a parade!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Hamilton should Host the 100th Grey Cup In its New Stadium,!! IMHO

Toronto was where the first one was played and I think there is where the 100th should be played as long as they have a team of course. I think it's basically that simple.

No - should be Ottawa - the team was formed before the Argos or the Tiger Cats.
It's the Nations Capital and should be the home for the 100th Grey Cup.


I agree.
It will be an historical , landmark event so maybe it will wake some people up in Toronto and get them interested and value the CFL rather than drooling over the money grubbers who want the NFL there.
I think the 100th anniversary game will be a perfect time and a golden opportunity for the CFL to showcase itself with the NFL knocking on the door in Toronto.

The Argos go back to 1873 when Damon Allen was a rookie. :wink: I think they're the oldest football club in North America. They deserve the 100th Grey Cup.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley:

You are correct, Pat! The Blue Team was formed in 1873, so they are the oldest professional football team in North America.

I agree with Crash -- I think Toronto would host its own gig, not share it with Hamilton. I would expect Hamilton to do the same if and when Civic Stadium II materializes. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Excellent points mr62cats and Earl! You've convinced me.

I've always had the feeling that we should be celebrating the "100th Anniversary" Grey Cup game in 2009.

Yes, 2012 will be the 100th time the game has been played. But 2009 is the 100th anniversary of the first game. The reason for the difference is that the game was suspended for a few years during WW1. However, the Cup was a challenge cup at the time, so the championship didn't vanish, it just carried over.

If you go to the HOF or find old photos elsewhere, you'll see that at the 1959 game, the words "50th Anniversary Grey Cup" are painted in large letters on the field in the end zones. Somewhere along the way since then, somebody must have decided to change the way the counting was done. Or, perhaps more likely, they never thought about it.

2012 is the 100th game, but 2009 is the 100th anniversary. I kind of feel like 2009 is the better year to celebrate, 100 years after the Cup was awarded and the first game was played for it. Better way to celebrate that first game a century ago, it seems to me.

No should be OTTAWA - the team was formed in 1876.

It's our Nations Capital and should be awarded the 100th

8) How do you figure that the 100th Grey Cup should be played in Hamilton, in it's new stadium (if we even get one), when that supposed new stadium will not even be ready till 2015 !!!! :roll:

While you may be correct about this...after all at the time it was the 50th anniversary...it was not the 50th Grey Cup game!

The following has the entire history of games and results as well as where they were played...


And, I hope that Toronto plans a proper parade. :rockin:

Yes, I realize that woody. But I feel it makes more sense to celebrate the 100th anniversary than the 100th game. That's the point I was trying to make. So did the CFL, the last time this came up in 1959. I don't know why they changed their minds more recently, if indeed they gave it any thought at all. I'll celebrate the anniversary this fall myself anyway, even if the league doesn't!! :slight_smile:

Good list of the games.

Ohok if Hamilton is awarded the 100th G.C game then im sure the stadium could be built in time for the big game :roll: :roll:

Gentlemen, please don't sell the club short. The Hamilton club formed first in 1869. An American historian believes it was first a soccer team and then they switched to rugby in 1871. Still, that makes our club older than the blue team. (FYI, distinct rules for soccer and rugby were just emerging at this time; both were called football until recognized rules for each game were clarified.)

Also, the Grey Cup was commissioned in 1908 but not awarded until 1909. So, as the Dominion champions in 1908, the Tigers could have been entitled to the designation "Grey Cup champions." If we've missed something with anniversaries, it was our opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hamilton championships ... and the Tigers. Though perhaps the Ticats' decision to make the big yellow H sweaters last year was its silent nod to that team and its victory.

See here:

I think that someone like Dr Frank Cosentino should be consulted on any aspects of Canadian football in terms of history and how it is interpreted. He is very well written and researched and published on the subject as most of us know. Maybe he already is a consultant to the CFL in this respect, I don’t know.

That web link doesn't work.

The link is working OK...try it again! :wink: