100th GC Souvenirs

So, my sister and nephew in Edmonton, bless their hearts, sent me a 100th GC souvenir package. Here’s some pics of the loot.

This is everything that was in it. It includes:

• Eskies New Era cap
• Newspaper clipping from the Edmonton Journal, dated June 27, 2012, with a report on the release of the Canada Post Grey Cup/CFL stamps sets.
• Tim Hortons card for use in Toronto
• Boston Pizza card (try the beef and onion)
• Book of 10 100th Grey Cup permanent stamps
• Book of 10 100th Grey Cup Edmonton Eskimos permanent stamps with Tom Wilkinson
• Day of Issue set of 100th GC/CFL stamps
• 2 100th Grey Cup loonies
• Westworld Alberta magazine with the “Why Grey Cup Fans Rock” cover and story
Stephen Brunt’s exceptional “100 Grey Cups” (see below for more on this)


The pièce de résistance
This book by Stephen Brunt is truly outstanding. It’s 208 pages, highest quality case bound, fully indexed, and as the title suggests, covers all 100 Grey Cups in glorious pictorial fashion, with astute contextual observations about the events of the era surrounding the championship game. It also includes Grey Cup stats I haven’t seen anywhere else, not even in the Canadian Pro Football Encyclopia. Some of the dozens of four colour and black and white photos are pretty famous, but others are not and some may be previously unpublished (at least to my eyes). It is a remarkable and impressive tome, to say the least. I’m THRILLED to have this in my collection and I plan to package it together with other souvenirs into a nice conversation piece I can display.

i give this book 5 thumbs up :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:


The Inside front and back covers on the book contain reproductions of the covers of 36 Grey Cup programs.


Pages 4-5.


The champions of first Grey Cup. By the looks on their faces they had no idea what they started, and that more than a 100 years later they would be celebrated in such a classy coffee table book and mentioned in ways they couldn’t even conceive of. Remember, Ford’s Model A had only been in production for about six years. These guy probably got to the game either on foot or by horse.


Leo Lewis in the Fog Bowl


Ken Ploen, with Bud Grant on the far left


Russ Jackson


Wilkie, the ever-so-opportunistic Joe Who, and Dan Kepley


Joe Theismann


“The Kid” Anthony Calvillo







Wilkie and Dan Kepley on the right hoist The Cup, with the ever-so-opportunistic Joe Who photobombing the shot.


Joe Theismann


“The Kid” Anthony Calvillo


Sorry for the repeating pics. Darn you forum editing gods!

Joe Who = Joe Clarke, that's who.

You mean Joe Clark. Better known as Joe Who because most would rather forget about him, as you have apparently done.

1979 Gey Cup photo; back then I voted Liberal and you are right about forgetting about him. However these days I do vote Conservative.

I don't think I have ever voted Conservative, though I might if I lived in Alberta. That party doesn't seem very right wing to me, but I'm probably wrong about that. I consider myself socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I guess that puts me pretty much in the middle.

I was once at an event at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Joe Who was there, pathetically grandstanding as he ever-so-slowly slowly moved to his seat while drinking in all the attention he was getting as people looked up at the balcony said "Hey! There's Joe Who!"

I had that memory in mind when I called him Joe Who. I think he actually liked being called that at the time.

Well for me I do a study of a given party leader that is capable in my mind to lead and thus vote. I was true Liberal for a long time and went Conservative not too long ago as I felt Harper was the one to be Prime Minister.

I would rather forget about Trudeau, the man who brought his government down and spent another million dollars on an election Canadians didn't want 9 months after the last one only to implement the exact same budget Joe Clark tried to pass and Trudeau said was disastrous. Typical lying Liberal.

Not interested in all the little trinkets, not my thing, but the book looks interesting. Have to check it out.

Sadly, I can no longer vote in Canada :cry:

I wish there was a representative in the House of Commons for external Canadians, of which there are at least a million I'm sure. There's something like 800,000 of us in the U.S. alone.

From my limited perspective I think Harper and the Conservatives have done a capable job, while avoiding the pitfalls of extremist thinking in their own party. I don't agree with everything they have done, but I never agree with everything any party does when it's in power.

I can't see many not liking this book. It really is very well done. You'll want to skip the shot of the flamboyant Trudeau, decked out in his floppy white oversized newsboy/ascot cap and matching scarf as he's about to boot the ceremonial opening kickoff.

Love or hate Trudeau, the guy definitely had style.

[url=http://www.amazon.ca/100-Grey-Cups-This-Game/dp/0771017448/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350863603&sr=8-1]http://www.amazon.ca/100-Grey-Cups-This ... 603&sr=8-1[/url]

What do all the Brunt haters, who are legion in these forums, have to say now? Is this more proof that he hates the CFL and loves only the NFL?

what politician hasn't lied?!

Yes I am one of them and proud of it.
Brunt is a tool and I definitely would not buy anything that he is selling.
He has nothing good to say about our league and all you have to do, mind you I can no longer stomach, is listen to him on radio and that Rogers NFL beacon Sportsnet.
Enough said.

Good post.

That's a pretty blunt axe you have to grind there ArgoT. He might not have much good to say about the CFL, but he has plenty good to say about it in writing, as shown by this top quality book and important historical and cultural document. Are you sure you are hearing exactly what he is saying?

Some Canadians have this thing where we're never good enough. Where all of our efforts to express our cultural are met with embarrassed guffaws and negative sniping. Then, when somebody actually does something that is as good or better than anything anybody has done anywhere, the doubters and cynics look for any excuse to taint the accomplishment as if that is somehow proof of failure. But it really only proves that those who constantly seek failure find it everywhere they look.

This book is not a failure. It is a document that should be in every school and library in the nation. It should be a staple of the small family library. It should be made into a documentary and distributed far and wide because this book is about far more than just football.

So why would Brunt write the Grey Cup book if he's so "negative" towards the CFL?

rp you really should listen to him if you are currently unsure what he spews.
The anti CFL and pro NFL stuff is just nauseating.
There is nothing wrong and heck the league does deserve constructive criticism, but it is just pure unadulterated crap and NFL cheerleading by Brunt and in fact all of Sportsnet.

Maybe they pay him to say those things. :expressionless: In anycase, this book has nothing to do with that.

My Grey Cup Tickets arrived this morning! These things are BEAUTIFUL, plastic rectangles that come with an order form for a collectible frame! Man, the CFL has REALLY done this game a FANTASTIC service this year. I'll post a pic later.

I'm also happy to report that my new girlfriend will be coming with me to Toronto (if she can get a good flight)! YAY! Keepng my fingers crossed! :rockin:

That book looks awesome! I am putting in on my to-do-list to go get one!

Great post! I am envious that you get to go to the game! I will be in Regina for 2013 when we start the next century of GCs!

Just one more Toronto event I get to miss while languishing away down here in Halifax. :twisted:

No offense to our Maratime fans, Halifax is a nice city, but...................... :twisted: