100th anniversary in 2009 of Grey Cup

The first Grey Cup game was played in 1909 and was won by the Varsity Blues-shouldn't the CFL celebrate this occassion?

They will in 2012 with the 100th grey cup....
There was no Grey Cup in 1916, 1917 and 1918. I assume due to the war

That's true, it's not the 100th Grey Cup GAME, but the cup itself is still 100 yrs old this year. :wink:

They could bring back some players from that first game, like Damon Allen and Lui Passaglia......

Well, to keep the Cup ITSELF happy, the league should order a special high-end bottle of silverware polish, the kind that will really make it sparkle and shine and keep it that way for when the 100th game is celebrated birthday-party style.

Should keep everyone happy I hope. :wink:

Actually, the League did send out letters to ALL OF US from that very first game! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Happy Birthday Coupe Grey, here's to 100 more :rockin:

right on they should!

I'll second that!

it's too bad the 100th anniversary and the 100th grey cup are so close together. that really messes up the chance to make one or ther other a truly special celebration. i suppose they probably won't celebrate in 09 so they don't step on the toes of the 100th grey cup celebrations in '12.

The 100th Grey CUP GAME ,is what's important here. The Grey Cup will not be awarded for the 100th time, after this years Grey Cup game. So this is a non issue.

Agree kasps.

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, the CFL should give the trophy back to its rightful owners, The Canadian Amateur Rugby Union, at least a symbolic gesture of buying the Cup from the CRU(perhaps for the original cost) would be a nice touch.

Does that still exist or maybe it's a different name now?


The CRU is alive and well; http://www.rugbycanada.ca/index.php

Wasn't it the Canadian Amateur Rugby FOOTBALL Union? I think that is what is inscribed on the Cup itself, no, actually Championship, not Union on the Cup to be more accurate? And this doesn't exist any longer I don't think.

Man, football from an organizational aspect in this country has been difficult to follow, the history that is.

The Grey Cup
In 1909, Earl Grey, the Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada. The trophy, which subsequently became known as the Grey Cup, was originally open to competition only for teams that were registered with the Canada Rugby Union. Since 1954 only the teams of the CFL have challenged for the Grey Cup. Please note - a two game, total-points series took place in 1940, while the 1962 game was played over two days due to fog.

The actual correctname for Rugby, is Rugby Football. Just as the correct name for soccer is Association Football.

So does this mean if I have a Rugby team I could challenge for the Grey Cup.

Rugby in Canada evolved over the years with successive RULE CHANGES (uh oh!), to what we know today as the Canadian version of gridiron football.

A new governing body for rugby in Canada was founded in the 1960s to govern the play of contemporary rugby thereafter.