100th Ann. Grey Cup Celebration in MAY

For people not working and in the TORONTO area [near , Bloor & Yonge] on Wednesday , May , 30 , 2012.

from 10:15 AM to 12:30 AM

With the CFL Commish , the media , sponsors and other activities.

For more info write [e.mail] to


Love the Rosedale Field email address!


Nice picture EARL :thup:

When I was much , much younger I played football on that field.

The ordinal club house and field are still there and are still used.

They will be putting up a new commemorative plaque there. :thup:

Glad to hear that sadargofan!

I know that a lot of posters here , will not be able to go to this because of their location , work , ect...

However , you never know and I wanted to be sure that any one who could go was told about this.

I love that some Western CFL fans might re-live the 1948 Calgary train ride [party] to Toronto :smiley:

I really am glad that the CFL & Co. [plus the fans] see the importance of this whole G.C. / 100th Ann. :thup:

It is a once in OUR life time event. With all of the problems that the CFL has had over the years [mostly in , the EAST] it is truly great that we even made it to the 100th GREY CUP and that it is sold out [almost] in Toronto. :rockin:

We have the Western / Hamilton and ARGO fans to thank for that. :thup:

Man, we should do something at the HAAA grounds.


This picture should be imbedded into the Rosedale Field wikipedia article (and any others that exist, for that matter)...

There are not that many pics :frowning:

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/cfl/argos/article/1202847--cfl-honours-first-grey-cup-game-at-rosedale-field]http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... dale-field[/url]

I think that might be an article on the event

Thanks , Picat :thup:

The 2012 Grey Cup WILL be a complete sell out. :thup:

There is another article [with videos] about this day on the home page of CFL.ca

I met so many CFL greats , like RUSS JACKSON , MOSCA , ect... and I got a free 100th G.C. pin. :cowboy:

The new CFL commercial about the 100th G.C. is awesome. The T. Hip's song called GIFT SHOP is the sound track.

That picture gives me chills! I love that the CFL is promoting the **** out of this year's GC and the whole season! I cant remember a time when there was so much pre-amble before TC even got started.

One big difference between the CFL and NFL is the NFL promotional marketing machine NEVER stops. Glad to see that the CFL has got theirs up and running early this year!

That is only half of a much longer panoramic picture that is on the comm. plaque. at Rosedale Field , now.

18 months ago , some one took the other plaque that was there. :thdn:

The new plaque is going to have a specially made garden put around it built by Rona.

It is great that the CFL realizes just how important promotion is. It is about time in this area , any way. :thup:

Thanks :smiley:

Here's some pics of sadargofan and his wife at the Rosedale Field event. Thanks again sadargofan! I really like these :smiley:

Love the plaque!


I've said it before: Sell those original blue Argo jerseys as a jacket and I'll buy one!


They really did have bigger balls in those days


Mrs. sadargofan with the Grey Cup!


My wife & , my best friend and I , thank you , rpaege !!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Your photo captions are much better than mine are. :lol: :lol: :lol:

WELL DONE :thup: :thup: :thup:

I agree :thup:

No question Hammer. :thup:

The CFL museum train should be stopping in Hamilton. :thup: