100 x 60 Meter Field of Play

I know it has been mentioned in the past but I think it has merit given the global ambitions of the league.

Mere cms / inches from the present specs it might even encourage more offense by adding less than a yard to the first down. Easily dismisses the why of 110.

Trend for many years has been away from Imperial measurement and almost 50 years now since Canada converted to metric so maybe time to show some leadership.

Trick as always would be to make someone important enough think it is their idea and push it through the system. Hope someone is reading from Kananaskis.


While I don’t think this is necessary, its interesting to note that soccer and rugby are both officially governed by metric units despite having been founded on imperial measures.

Each sport took a different approach when it metric-fied.

Rugby slightly resized its field to have round metric measures. The 22 meter line probably replaced the 25 yard line and kick-offs have to travel an even 10 meters as opposed to the 10 yards we have in gridiron.

Soccer just did a straight conversion. So the 18 yard box is still 18 yards despite its official measure being 16.46 meters.


CFL fields are 150 yards by 65 yards . If you convert that to metric it would be 137 metres by 59 metres . The current dimensions aren't broken . Don't fix them .

I can't see North American golf or baseball ever going metric .


I do not have a fundamental problem with the measurements being switched but I am curious why you believe there might be more offense. I see this as an advantage for the defenses as the yardage required for a 1st down would be more (assuming 10 M required). Not a lot but still just over 8%. We now have a lot of measurements for 1st down yardage where they have made it only by the length of a football or less. Those would all become turnovers. Otherwise it would not affect the game much. All records could be converted for comparisons. The endzones at 20 M would be slightly bigger. The distance between goal lines would be very slightly shorter and the sideline would be very marginally wider. It would not affect fieldgoals at all, kickers would just learn a new "distance" they can kick. Kickoffs would have to be moved backwards to the 25 M line or they would all nearly go through the endzones as they do in the NFL.
I do understand that we have been metric for about 1/2 of a century know but also wonder why we would go to the costs of revamping/renovating a lot of fields/stadiums just for the sake of being metric. Playing in "yards" does not hinder the play in my opinion.

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Very open minded and thorough post.

I think the third and inches relates more to the line in the sand now at ten yards and would be the same if ever moved to ten meters. The first nine yards was easy. Initially I also thought it might encourage more passing.

Let's stick to yards, it is what makes the CFL unique.

If you look at the NFL rulebook, the field is officially measured in feet. :astonished:

Seems the CFL is not so big on being "unique" over recent years trying to adopt a more Americanized version of the game. Good trivia on the technically correct measurement. I can't wait for it to come up in conversation at the office.

Big picture in a global world it's a no brainer. Makes no difference to the game as pointed out by the previous poster.

How so?

Talking with the XFL for one did not sound like it was going to be three down football.

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I'd vote in favour just to hear a PBP guy call "3rd and about a decimeter to go."