100 million dollar deficit, forget the Big O

Was reading Montreal has a 100 million dollar deficit. That's insane considering the highest property taxes in Canada. Now we know why the Big O is being left to rot. Don't expect any revovations there for a long time if ever. Only a matter of time before the province has to take over managing the city of Montreal.

"Rot" is the operative word where it comes to the city of Montreal. Sure hope this new administration can start righting the ship.

If the Bell Center required urgent repairs, however, I'm sure construction teams would be there in a flash.

They need to restructure everything. Its going to be ugly...

Ça serait surprenant.

Les fusions forcées ont fait mal aux péquistes, et la tentative des libéraux que les défusions n'aient pas lieu tout en les permettant a empiré le monstre.

La volonté politique de se mettre le nez dans l'administration de Montréal ne se manifestera certainement pas dans le contexte d'un gouvernement minoritaire faible. Le fruit est déjà pourri jusqu'au noyau, et au lieu d'imposer une tutelle, le gouvernement a préféré voir passer 2 maires intérimaires.

La vérité est que Montréal, avec sa structure compliqué au possible, est un monstre administratif ingouvernable. Quoiqu'on en pense, le concept "une île, une ville" était le bon. Mais un paquet d'arrondissements dans une ville de 2,5 millions d'habitants, c'est du délire.

D'après ce qu'on entend à Québec, 30% de ce déficit ne devrait pas être...

Fusions don't work. Its robbing Peter to pay Paul and Paul still finds a way to get his money.

That's why they need to completely restructure everything they do before its too late if it isn't already. The province will have to inject money to fix the infrastructures of the city. Always amazed me to go to QC and there isn't a wrapper on the street but you go to Montreal and everything is falling apart.

I remember years ago watching a documentary on the corruption and cost-overruns (very much linked) on the original Big O construction; the waste and undeserved windfall profits by certain contractors was unbelievable. The final spending for the Olympic Stadium could have easily built 5 or 6 similar capacity venues for the same price in the day and another 3 more for the cost of repairs and renovations since.

Talk about mismanagement.

If you drive up in the Park des Laurentides or towards Saint Sauveur. You can see some of the stadium lighting on some of the cottages :wink: Guys would drive forklifts through transformers and 5kv Teck Cable reels just to do overtime on weekends.

What a shame that it is in that bad of shape in Montreal. I did not know how bad things really were. Explains why Olympic has been patched worked together barely hanging on.
I know other things would need to be a priority but with a big city like Montreal having a large enclosed venue is a nice center piece in many cities in cold areas where many major events can be hosted. The Impact alone have put some huge soccer crowds in Olympic Stade. The Als each year always have packed the place for playoff games and Grey Cups put 60K plus in there.
Too much to tear down and too much to renovate looks bad for Montreal to continue to be part of major sporting events that pump revenue into the economy. The WWC looks like it could be the last until something is done.

I do not know if this would work but the situation with Olympic Stadium looks similar to what Detroit had with the Silverdome. Too much to upkeep in a failing debt filled city and sell it for basically nothing to a private owner who may have plans to renovate it.
The Silverdome owners are planning to put in a new solid roof with solar panels and have began and done some renovations.
Problem with owning the silverdome is that Detroit already have a new indoor stadium in Ford Field while in Montreal there would be no competition from any other stadiums of that size and indoors.
The Silverdome Owners are hitting snags of course and are sueing their insurance company but it is no longer the problem of the city of Detroit.

Olympic Stadium can't be sold. You could not even give it away. The maintenance costs of that stadium dwarf that of the Silverdome. The future of Montreal could be bright once the largest cleanup of organized crime ever with the exception of the Italian justice taking down of the Mafia could change things. By the time they are done they could be close to a thousand sentences handed out. last few weeks they've been cleaning the clocks of the unions who were laundering mob money to turn it into political contributions. Something else that is going on over there.

Wow that is bad.

Are the Blue Jays plans to play two pre season games vs the Mets at Olympic next spring still going to happen?

As of right now they are going full steam ahead. The games are at the very end of spring training just before opening day. I think the event ban is over by then.

Well look at Ontario massive debt they are going to spend and spend sure it makes no sense but Quebec could do the same.

The Commission (think of it as a Grand Jury) Investigation has over 500 police officers on FULL TIME on this one case investigating Corruption that links The Hells Angels, Italian Mob, Jewish Mob, Municipal Government (3 mayors have been dismissed, 2 indicted and awaiting trial are the mayor of Laval and the mayor of Montreal) Union bosses, General Contractors, Engineering firms and High Level Civil servants. The Testimonies have been ongoing for over 2 years now with likely 2 to 3 more years to come. The estimated cost to tax payers of Quebec in fraud and corruption is estimated at 1 billion to 3 billion a year going back to at least ten years some think since the 20’s. Part of this are some murder investigations. One of which being the secretary of a mayor. Some of the warrants were served all over the world by Interpol.

[url=http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/former-union-boss-insists-he-s-innocent-at-charbonneau-commission-1.1532255]http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/former-union ... -1.1532255[/url]

Is the Bell Centre not owned by the Molson family?

Its fronted by the Molson who own 15 percent and the other 85 percent is secretly owned by MLSE.

New sheriff in town, no need for the province to take over. :wink: Besides, they have enough on their plates with the Charter of you can not wear this, you can not wear that!

Thus there is money for repairs!