10 yrd penalty for cheering

Now if that wasn't one of the dumbest calls in sport history. Next thing you know the ref will be calling penalties on a mascot for getting the crowd going. how stupid

I thought it was for the guy in the anownsers both doing for somthing while Calgary was on offence. regardless it was one of the dumbest calls in sports history.

this the use of electronic interference penalty call? hahaha, ya that one's new to me!

god damn gay i say! haha , oh well after that call, the whole stadium just cheered as loud as we could, it was awesome, stupid refs!

kirsten84 so you were at the game i take it, what was actually said over the p.a while the stamps were on offence?

The Lions had this called against them last year... the refs said that they were playing crowd noises through the speakers to make it louder in there, which wasn't the case... it was all the fans. I think the ref might have figured that out after he made the call, because we booed even louder.

I don’t understand why everyone was so surprised. This gets called a lot.

This is not about fans cheering, it’s about the sound system making noise while the other team is trying to call signals. When the offence breaks the huddle, all loudspeakers have to be silent. Period.

What I don’t agree with is when teams get a penalty for putting a “noise-meter” onto the scoreboard. That’s a silent thing that’s meant to prompt the fans to make noise. As long it’s not the electronic equipment itself that’s interfering with the team’s ability to call the signals, there should be no penalty.

But this brought up another point: I usually think Glen Suitor is a pretty good commentator (at least compared with that lunkhead Walby that CBC thrusts on us.) But twice today he said that in a close game the officials shouldn’t make certain calls. What a moron! What he’s saying, whether he means to or not, is that as long as the outcome of the game is still in doubt, teams should be allowed to get away with breaking the rules. For crying out loud, if anything that’s when the officials should be the most diligent. Why allow a team to cheat in a game where that cheating may allow that team to win the game? What a dummy.

I didn't see the game tonight.... what exactly was it that they called the penalty for? was it audio through the speakers? or was it a noise meter?... cuz you're exactly right Dave... audio you gotta call it... but video with no audio there should be no call.

yeah your not allowed to use the PA system to get the fans going.
After that idiot in Hamilton yelled D D D D D last week and nothing was called the league had to start inforcing it.
The one where the ref pushed the Bomber on the sideline was the worst freggin call I have ever seen. It was a great punt and had nothing to dowith his fat ass 10 seconds aferward 60 yards away running into a Bomber player who was NOT on the feild.

well everyone was freaking out , but they said objectional conduct blah blah, you cant use electronics to interfere something i cant remebmber exactly... but something with electronics... which was the music, the D was p.o, but it wasnt their fault, but we cheered loud every play after that. :lol:

I remember when the Rider pep band got a penalty, that was pretty funny. I for one think something like a band is ok, But I can't stand those anouncers that have to yell to get the fans to get in to it. When your anouncer is louder then the fans, you have a problem in my opinion. I would like it if the league would stop stadiums from having their anouncers yelling. This is what mascots are for, and if needed have a electronic sign that says tomake noise or something, but nothing audio. In Edmonton last year in the west semis, the fans never cheered unless the guy yelled, "show Canada how much you love your defence" or something dumb like that. I am so glad we have nothing like that at Taylor field

I agree with BIG DAVE........but there was another strange penilty............interference from the sideline.........against .....WINNIPEG.........

A player was just walking along the side lines and he wasn't looking at the ref and then the ref bumbed into him and the ref called a pen.......that was even more dumb..

I think the crowd sould support the team but not make it so they can’t play, but a 10 yard penalty is just dumb and pointless (the league should get rid of that rule ASAP, it gets them a bad rep and it makes me ashamed to be a CFL fan for the frist time!).

Can’t they just say to the crowd “Quite down please” like in golf?

It’s not the crowds noice that got the penalty,that’s fine, it’s the recording of the crowds noise and replayed over the loud system cranked up, when the other team is trying to call there plays and I agree with it!

I don't see why this penalty wasn't called in Hamilton last week. I was watching the game with some friends and we were all saying to each other "Isn't that a penalty?". The Hamilton announcer would be yelling "DEFENCE" and crap like that through the loudspeaker. Like Billysoup said I remember when the Rider Pep Band got a penalty. Taylor Field never uses the PA system for pumping up the crowd, we just naturally do it with a little help from Gainer sometimes.

I might be wrong, but I think it's only a penalty if the announcer is pumping the crowd after the huddle breaks. If that's the case, the Hamilton announcer likely would not have caused a penalty, since I don't recall hearing the announcer over the speakers once the huddle had broken. If he pumps the crowd before the huddle breaks, then it's no harm no foul. Am I out of the loop here?

Just don't think there sould be a 10 YARD penitly, that just isn't right.


Well i saw that penalty called often here in Qc against the R&O, and its always because of the announcer who pump the crowd while the visiting team is in the huddle. Half the visiting coachs complain about the noise of the crowd and the announcer in Quebec. :twisted:

I must have missed something. Did this happen last night?