10 Year CFL Draft Grades and 2013 Mock Draft

Today, I have updated the site with team evaluations of the first round of the draft from 2001-2010. Check it out here:

[url=http://www.cflhorsemen.ca/first-round-drafting-success-by-team.html]http://www.cflhorsemen.ca/first-round-d ... -team.html[/url]

We also have unveiled our 2013 Mock Draft here:


Unbelieveable that in those 10 drafts the Bombers had one first round pick. Thanks Taman and Kelly.

That certainly does explain a few things.

I was pretty shocked at that myself. One first round pick in a decade!

...Yup...that'll kill ya in this league...You can see why Mack would be a little gun-shy at pulling the trigger on any trade involving our top pics.... Hasn't done it yet and won't in the future I'd guess.....AND the riders better keep on eye on Mr. draft-trader Taman...He might not be done yet :lol:

Does anyone have a list of the red shirt players available to Ottawa?

Hopefully we're on the other end of that deal!

If Hamilton picks Gaydosh, and Charles is drafted into the NFL, I'd love to pick D'Aguilar. Wouldn't be surprised to see Mulumba either.

In that scenario, I would hope that if Charles were to fall too 11, that we take him there. I don't see him lasting more than 2 years in the NFL

....Tough to say james....I could see us going for either Gaydosh or Sewell...Our o line still needs some help and Sewell would be a great guy to build around for years to come.... Gaydosh is going to be very sought after....Huffer in Cal. is salivating at getting him in a stamps uniform BUT we pick before them..heh heh.....Charles is getting too much nfl attention..I say he flys the coop...D'Aguilar is a very interesting prospect...If you watched the interview, he took part in with the riders , he comes across as a very intelligent individual...He was drawing up plays for the d and impressed the heck out of the rider brass...Physically he looks to be right for the CFL as well....Bombers didn't interview him at the combine...Don't know if that says anything but I bet he's got our attention now...We shall see MAY 6...One things for sure, what you think will happen in he draft, most likely won't :wink:

Not interviewing him at the combine means nothing. Teams can only interview a certain number of players and they had already talked to him at a regional combine.

I like this Mock the best, because it has us getting Gaydosh!

This is why I never do Mock drafts... Im waytoo bias towards the players I want, and manipulating it so that Winnipeg gets em..