Starbuck23 mentioned this on another post so I copied the link. Found it amusing!!

Starbuck23 also added #11 - they hate losing to the Riders in Cowtown!!

[url=http://www.stampeders.com/article/top-10-reasons-stamps-fans-find-rider-fans-annoying]http://www.stampeders.com/article/top-1 ... s-annoying[/url]

I live in Alberta. Trust me, all the sourness that Stamps and Esks fans have towards our fanbase is because for every stamps and esks fan in Alberta there are literally ten of us. No exaggeration. Every Jersey City in Alberta that I have been to (and thats alot) they have three times the Rider merchandise than any other team. While in a Jersey City in west Ed one of the employees asked his manager "why do we sell more Rider stuff than esks and stamps? This is Alberta" to which the manager replied "It sells better" HA! So if they want to be less annoyed with us maybe they should.......GROW IN POPULATION, and you know actually care even when the team is losing.

I bet every team in the cfl would wish for an extra game in their own stadium against the Riders. It's a cash cow for them too!!!

It's insane how much money we make for other teams! And then they disrespect us??? :roll:

Stamps may hate Riders and their fans, but was on there forums last night, last post was July 31, this forum is always busy!!
We sell more Rider gear than the rest, when we played Tor. 16,000 turnout, 1/3 rider fans, it's just sad. Like someone said before, where Canada's team!! I hope we kick the stamps good tonight, hope Chick and Def. get lots of sacks, and Cornish is held to low yardage again!!

Very true. I seem to recall once that for one of the Moncton games they wanted the Riders to play one of the Eastern teams, BUT no eastern team was willing to give up a home game as they made way more money when the Riders came to thier stadium.

This would have been the year for the Riders to play in Moncton vs the ticats. Too bad it didn't happen.

The Riders are a huge income for the hosting team... get upset with the fans all you want, I'd bet the restaurants, hotels, and bars are happy to have us!

I've never felt disrespected in my green colors in any opposing park, certainly not Calgary.

You sir I an assuming do not live in Alberta. Out here despite the fact that our fanbase outnumbers those of both Alberta teams by more than double we are still disrespected by most. Most of whom aren't real football fans.

I've never really felt uncomfortable wearing Green to McMahon, probably because I'm respectful of the Stamp fans around me and don't go to get wasted drunk. I have seen some trouble makers on both sides of the fence while there though, usually they're drunk. If someone does beak you, just dare them to come to a game in Mosaic, they usually get quiet pretty quick.

As for the list, it lacks imagination and isn't funny at all. It's trying too hard and poorly written.

Great topic! I live on Vancouver Island and I'm a Rider fan. I've lived here about 3 years and when I wear Rider gear in public I always get 'a new best friend'. Every Rider fan that sees another one out here, stops to talk. We rule. The sport shops out here sell more Rider stuff than BC stuff, not by much but they do and then the Seahawks are 2nd and 3rd depending on the store. (Vancouver Canucks own the place so just talking football here.....)
My daughter works for a retailer here who, in May, received a shipment of Rider gear in error and she was asked to send it back to corporate. She told the boss that they should floor it and they would probably sell it off at a full pop without a markdown. The boss did it and it was gone in a week. I'm usually low key with wearing my Rider gear in BC Place but when I do, I know I have 10,000 people around me who have my back. We own that building.

I bumped into a guy who saw my Rider hat and he runs the Vancouver Island Rider Nation chapter. He arranges game nights at certain pubs in town. He gave me a custom made patch. Rider flags fly all over town on game day. It's like I'm in Regina some times but there's cedar trees and hills!

The rest of the league just doesn't get it. Rider Nation truly is a 'nation'. When they bitch about it, I think it's just envy. We rule.

HEY! There is trend that I think is media driven that-is trying to shift the emphasis in the greatest CFL rivalry to Calgary and Saskatchewan. This is BS-The rivalry is -Winnipeg and Saskatchewn (albeit that the last few years have seen the Riders dominate)It has not always been that our Riders have dominated the Blue and with the much needed clean up there, having taken place, they very well could come back. There are many reasons for the Blue and Green rivalry that pre-dates these last few years.
I have lived in Calgary and Edmonton. Edmonton is a much better CFL city. There are too many Calgarians who have a T.O. attitude that CFL stinks and they'll only watch NFL. But in either city, you come no where near the attitude I got when I lived in Winnipeg. The name calling, the criticism and disgust from saying "I am a Rider fan" pales in comparison to what I got from Winnipegers (interesting fact : many, many western border Manitobans cheer for the Riders rather than the Bombers) . Surely you realize that the "Banjo Bowl" stems from these slurs?
Let's face it! Saskatchewan for more years until recently has been a breeding ground and population supplier for decades (although there has been a change in this in the last few years). It would not surprise me that 1/3 of the population has come from at one time living in Saskatchewan.
But you know, with all bragging rights set aside, where ever you are from, if like our CFL...you are welcome and you are family.