10 reasons for DAs record

1 - longevity
2 - talent
3 - longevity
4 - luck
5 - longevity
6 - talent
7 - longevity
8 - luck
9 - longevity
10- longevity.

Certainly a long career in a league that plays 18 games a season didn't hurt Damon's hunt for the record, but the fact that he was able to continuouly perform at that level is what makes his record so amazing. In his case his longevity is the most spectacular part of his career no matter how negative a slant you try to put on it.

How else do players achieve records. :roll:

by being better. Like Flutie, if he had spend his whole career in the cfl, he woulda passed moon, in notably less yrs than it took Allen. If he had played as long as he did in total, he may have made it to 100,000. If dunigan and a few other ex CFL qbs could have played as much as Allen did, they too would have passed Moon sooner. Look as the career averages of Qbs that played 10 yrs in the clf. Extend that to the length of Allens career and number of games played. Allen would end up quite far down the list. Moon himself, if he had stayed in the CFL would have passed 70,000 sooner and who knows how far he went.

but would they still performeat the same pace in year 20 as year 10.

Yo can't just double numbers

exactly. It is remarkable that Allen was able to perform at or near his best for so many yrs, but it should still be noted that is best 5 yrs pales in comparison to the best 5 yrs of so many others, from both leagues.

Who cares. That's how records work. Are you saying we should abolish any and all records excluding stats on a per game basis?

naah, just tired of so many claiming Allen to be the greatest because of the record. He got the record, so what. The talk should be about how remarkable his longevity and durability has been. No more. People talking about how he should be in the Pro (NFL) HOF :roll: Gimme a break.

MOON , played 23 years and he threw for 70,000+ yards :thup:

He is in the NFL HALL :thup:

How about LUI P. for B.C. , Pro football's all time leading scorer? :thup:

How many seasons did he play for B.C.?

In Hockey there is GORDIE HOWE.
How many seasons did he play? :thup:

isn't that really three reasons?

And yet.....The nfl is supposed to be so much better...and the QB's so much better...That it tells me that Moon and Flutie and others like them should have come down here and shattered those numbers like a sledge hammer through old concrete.


I don't think most people want Allen in the NFL hall of fame. They're just pissed because they call it the pro football hall of fame, yet you have to play in the NFL to get in.

Something should change but i don't know if it ever will.

Then why not take out the records for most anything. They keep track of stats and when a new record is achieved you say big deal.

I see no reason for him to not be in the "PRO football hall of fame.

Actually If I was an NFL owner I would sign him to a 1 day NFL contract so he would have played in the NFL. They would then not have any reason to keep him out.

??? what do you mean by “down here”?? I can’t seem to make sense out of your post? What am I missing?

geo's an American.....once you know that, his post makes perfect sense :wink:

I take it you mean that it makes sense that an American would write something incomprehensible. Because his post really was incomprehensible.

then it sounds like he is saying that Moon and Flutie should have done better in the NFL than in the CFL and should have done way better in the NFL than Allen in the CFL and that doesnt make sense to me???

He's saying that if the NFL is supposed to be so superior to the CFL, which is alleged by numerous people, then QBs such as Moon and Flutie should have torn up the league and shattered numbers reached by persons such as Allen.....yet they didn't.

Made sense to me.

forgive my densenes, but, playing in which league???