10 Reasons Bombers won't Win Grey Cup

Or thereabouts - - -

  1. Chad Kelly, VA, Jr.
  2. Age & Infirmity
  3. Under-powered QB arm - trouble when you have the best receiving fleet in the league.
  4. Notoriously loose pass coverage
  5. Under-powered (seriously) ST blocking & tackling
  6. Best ST returner may not return
  7. Veteran/Star MLB on last legs (Bighill)
  8. Occasionally porous pass blocking (leading to either picks or massive damage on #8)
  9. Will Playoff Olivera be as fresh as mid-season Olivera?
  10. Intangibles - it appears 4 teams now will challenge for 3 Western playoff spots (Wpg & BC for 1 + 2; Calgary & Sasky for 3.

One (1) reason da Bombers win Grey Cup:

  1. They da Bombers!!!

#1-8, Can’t really argue just now. #9, I’m sure there will be one game late in the regular season when Oliveira’s helmet is locked in a vault and he is strapped to a training table, under guard, while the rest of the team plays the game. Based on how he is currently playing, and how he feeds off the competition it would probably take those actions, plus more to keep him out of a game.
#10, You never know.

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If one only based Bomber’s Grey Cup chances on their performance vs. the hard-hitting but wobbly Green Riders Saturday nite - you’d be hard-pressed to put them down at anything less than 87% to win the west ~ a bit longer odds to win Grey Cup vs. a hepped up Toronto organization featuring a great young coach (NFL bound?) Dinwiddie, an all-star QB (along w/ Zak), solid 1-2 running punch in AJO & Harris plus far better return men. Bombers would be favored but maybe at 58 to 60%.

Its easy to say they won’t win, you’re not exactly going against the odds with that prediction.

Its a lot harder to say who will win, and right now the Bombers look as likely as anyone


1 - I’ve never been very good at sports predictions so I don’t even try.
2 - Often a won/lost record includes some very ugly wins and some very “artistic” losses, and everything in between. That’s why I keep watching.


they have looked bad times losing to teams they should have beat and they have looked really good unbeatable if they are going to win the grey cup this year they have to be more consistant

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