10 Random Thoughts on the Labour Day game

Apparently these thoughts only occur to me after a win. But here goes:

  1. I don't really believe in karma. But I think it's good karma that we opened up the new stadium with a win - same way we closed down the last one.

  2. It's about time a close game went our way for once. That last fumble gave me an uneasy feeling, to say the least.

  3. Best part about Collaros' game, for me, was his ability to salvage positive yards out of a play that seemed to be going nowhere. Throughout this season (including Zach's earlier starts), we'd been largely unable to recover from a strong pass rush.

  4. Nice to see so many different receivers play an important role in the win. Bakari with the historic TD, Tasker with the long catch & run, Fantuz with the clutch work up the middle, Ellingson coming out of nowhere a few times for long grabs, and Madu with some nice plays that almost (but not quite) made up for the two big miscues.

  5. Looked to me like TSN camera operators were under explicit orders never to show the empty upper deck in any shot.

  6. If Swayze Waters doesn't get ST Player of the Week, they should make a new rule that punting performances are not eligible for consideration. His punts were the only thing that kept them in the game in the first half. (Our guy looked pretty mediocre by comparison.)

  7. I would have to think that Masoli's career prospects depend on him reducing the number of errors significantly from recent levels. I'm also wondering if it's time to take a look at McGee in short yardage situations.

  1. I don't think Banks or McDuffie saw anything today that caused them to worry about new competition in the returns department.
  1. I like Ricky Ray (as much as one can, given the team he plays for), but I still enjoy it immensely when he tanks. To be fair, that's gotta be one of the worst performances by a receiving corps in recent memory.

  2. Of course, full credit to our defence, which came up big all game, and especially when it really had to. Again, this is a key area of improvement from earlier games.