10 Random Thoughts on the Esks game

  1. The improvement of our defence to one of the top units in the league (IMO) must have snuck up on me. I can't recall a high-profile event affecting the D, equivalent to the impact on the O of Collaros' return from injury. I guess they were just quietly getting better as the season progressed. Nearly flawless tackling tonight.

  2. I like our new approach on QB sneaks, keeping a bunch of receivers out wide to reduce the load in the middle (and keeping our starter in to carry the ball). Can't wait for an unsuspecting D to ignore the wide-outs and get burned on an unexpected pass.

  3. Adarius Bowman sure didn't live up to the hype (understatement of the year - shocking case of the dropsies). This is the CFL's leading receiver?

  4. We got lucky a few times (see Bowman dropsies, above, which took points off the board). But any breaks we got paled in comparison to the break the Esks got when we lost our starting RB in the first series.

  5. I suspect most of us fans cannot appreciate the full ramifications of the early loss of Gable. The whole game plan would have to be rethought, as any plans we had for a running game, screen passes and other plays were suddenly lost to us. Austin was quoted after the game: “That was one of the all-time top performances I've ever seen from a playcaller. It had a cascading effect on our personnel groupings. We actually had to rename some of our groupings.?

  6. After the Banks TD I was surprised when Edmonton went for it on 3rd and 10 with over 2 minutes left, especially given that they'd been punting the ball 60+ yards with the wind and we had no running game to kill the clock. But then when they chose to throw DEEP on the play instead of just trying to move the chains ... well, I found that to be a little unorthodox.

  7. I've always liked single points; so often they end up making the difference between a W and a L. If I was a coach I would grab singles every chance I get, rather than always trying to pin teams deep. And we saw what a huge role they played in this game. I couldn't believe it when we held them in the end zone at the end of the game. And it was hilarious when their guy hit the goal posts on a punt.

  1. On that play where Stamps dropped the ball just after "catching" it and then scooped it back up ... if we had jumped on the loose ball, I can guarantee it would have been ruled an incomplete pass. I can't prove it, I just know it would.
  1. I'm glad I haven't figured our how to post on this forum from my mobile, as I would have had to eat crow re: what I wanted to say about Norwood after his roughing call turned 3 pts into 7. That was before I realized what kind of game he'd been having. It may be hard to make any changes to the D-line unit to make room for Hickman.

  2. It's nice that we can actually come out on the right side of the close games. Of our three wins at THF, Sask was a blowout, but we beat Toronto and Edmonton by a combined 3 points. Earlier this year it was going the other way. That could make all the difference in how this season turns out.

Great post, pretty much says it all.


Great win. Team was well prepared, and adjusted beautifully to early loss of CJ.

U.S. Ti-Cat fan in New Hampshire who watched on ESPN3. I doubt there will be a game today in the NFL that matches last night's Hamilton-Edmonton game. I keep spreading the word down here... The CFL is a better game... more fun to watch... more strategy... Some great plays last night. CFL publicity department, get on the job and promote your product down here. "If you show it... we will watch."

Great product. Great game tonight. Peaking just when we need to. How much better can it get?

Regarding Gable's separated shoulder, this is copied from the website of the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO:

"Depending on the grade of injury, most patients heal within 2 to 3 months without surgical intervention. The patient is allowed to return to sports when there is full and painless range of motion, no more tenderness when the AC joint is touched, and manual traction does not cause pain. This usually takes about 2 weeks for a grade I injury, 6 weeks for a grade II injury, and up to 12 weeks for a grade III injury."

"Surgery may be necessary for AC separations that do not respond well to non-operative treatment. If, after 2 to 3 months, pain continues in the AC joint with overhead activity or in contact sports, surgery may be necessary."

I would think that, even if there's any possibility of C.J. getting back on the field sometime in October or November, he still might face off-season surgery.

The O-line is still Swiss cheese

The Cats really need to get Peter and other guys on IR back

There no Excise not use one DI Slot for an extra Running …
We have 3 on Practice Roster …

Other then that Cats played well
Defence IMO is now a top 3 Defence at least at Home

Special Team units are very good .

Zack is starting round into form

over all great win

Hello. Always great to hear from our fans down south.

Have you been able to watch a lot of Ti-Cat games?

So let's see, you have a running back activated after being injured for a month with a foot injury. There is no back up. If Hamilton had lost the game these boards would be alive with "fire Austin" comments. They sure dodged a bullet

Great team win. The D is off the chart awesome, I hope they can keep this going because it is fun to watch.
Obviously this was a close game a hard to believe that a deciding factor was a punt which hit the upright and result in a dead ball, no points for EE.

I think the four DIs were Medlock, Banks, Gainey and Bowman. Which one would you have dropped? I think it would have to be Bowman. He had a great game and was especially valuable when Lawrence was hurt. We also don't know whether Madu was hurt and if so how badly, and we don't know how ready those other RBs are.

I think I heard KA in one of his post-game interviews say that Madu had a lower-back injury.

Good game, some outstanding plays in particular by Banks with the catches and run for a TD and of course Norwood with his 4 QB sacks in the first half, Courtney Steven's great pick off and interception 2nd of the year and in back to back games, all in all a team victory, way to hang in there and keep the score close and keep fighting to get back in and Win.

Once again the Officiating was bad but not as bad as previous games, the Delvin Breaux call for 30 yards and back to back penalties was brutal, I think the ref was on CRACK for making such a stupid call.

Edmonton was interfering with Tiger-Cast receivers all night long especially DB Young for the Eskies, grabbing, holding on to the jersey C'mon Ref your standing right there and No call just BRUTAL officiating, send these guys back to officiating school because they No nothing and are crap, clean up the officiating in the CFL!!


Huge Gamble dressing only on ball carrying RB. No one on the Hamilton roster ever took a carry from the running back position in pro football except Gable. They really did not even appear to have an emergency guy in place who may have known he was the emergency Tailback.
made adjustments on the fly at halftime was fantastic.
Crunching numbers for a smaller roster than in other leagues could really leave you short handed.
They got through this one with some guts, adjustments, and the all important HOME FIELD crowd behind them.
Live and learn through experiences. Assuring a second RB is on the game roster, possiblity a National RB who also doubles as a full time teams player as well. Having Emergency athletes like Banks, Giguere, Prime, etc. with a package and some knowledge of the position. As well as the obvious FB who would stay in to block during a for sure passing play.

Also a great game by Banks this guy will start to give opposition defenses fits, very speedy WR with good hands. This will surly stretch the field. :thup:

I agree with everything except #9. They didn't sign Hickman to stand on the sidelines. Someone will be coming out for sure to make room.

Why didn't Austin challenge one of those non PI calls? They were very blatant. It was before his second challenge, if not his first. Also, why are you not allowed a 3rd challenge if one of your previous 2 is successful? Doesn't make sense.

Obviously it has to be the other DE. How can you not start Norwood after that monster game?

Yes, it looks like he could make people forget Chris Williams. I thought Austin was crazy to start him over Sinkfield after that great performance last week. Guess I was wrong. Banks should be used more on deep routes.

Two points addressed here:

  1. Apparently the EE defense has only been penalized twice for DPI this season. Now we know why!!! Refs don't seem to see it! :roll:

  2. Austin challenged what seemed to be (to most of us including Schultz on TSN) an obvious DPI last week on Tasker and there was "insufficient evidence". I suspect that he chose not to waste a challenge on a call that was unlikely to be overturned. Very rarely has the CC overturned a missed DPI call on the field in spite of the fact that there were a few that should have been overruled.