10 Random Thoughts on the East Final

  1. I love the fact that we scored 26 unanswered points to win the game: the exact same deficit we had to overcome the last time we beat the Argos in an Eastern Final, 27 years ago. That's three consecutive East Finals we've won in their house: 1984, 1986, 2013.

  2. For a moment I was actually thinking that the Cats have won every East Final I've ever attended (1984, '85, '86, '98, 2013). But then I realized I was blocking from memory those two disastrous Rough RIder games in '81 and '82. (Those ones don't count of course, because that team ceased to exist.)

  3. When we went down by 14 points in the second quarter, it sure looked like it was all over. Narrowing the deficit to 7 by halftime only left me feeling slightly better, but I still couldn't have envisioned us holding them scoreless for the rest of the game after the way they started. Whatever Steinhauer and the D did to adjust, its importance cannot be overstated.

  4. As much as I admire the creativity of the multi-QB system we've employed in recent months, I was glad Austin left the outcome squarely on Henry's shoulders for this one, right where it belongs. His fate would be our fate (is that a Jedi saying?), as it had to be.

  5. On Ellingson's TD, it looked like he and Tasker could have held hands as they ran their routes in unison. One of them was likely in the wrong place, but it all worked out OK.

  6. Dee Webb's break-up of the potential TD pass deep in the endzone was absolutely huge. That might have buried us.

  7. Milanovich screwed up big time in letting us replay 2nd down in an attempt to push us out of FG range late in the game. I said so at the time. They could have got the ball back with 3 minutes left instead of 1 minute. Sorry coach, better luck next season.

  1. Mr. Half-season All-star/MOP, Ricky Ray, learned today why it is customary to judge a player on a full season of output rather than on 10 or 11 games. When it mattered most, in the second half of the biggest game of the season, he came up empty. Our guy started the season strong as well, then had a bit of a slump, but came up big when it counted: in his 20th game of the season.
  1. It was great seeing Pigskin Pete leading Ticat fans through a victorious Oskee Wee Wee in Union Station after the game. (It hadn't occurred to me that he would have to take public transit like the rest of us -- but it sure beats driving.)

  2. Our last Grey Cup game in 1989 seems like soooo long ago, it's hard to believe that our QB was playing for the other team way back then. That was about 5 teams ago for him.

Excellent thoughts ExPat...

1 thing though, our last GC was actually 1999, not 1989.. although we might actually have a chance at retribution for the Riders win in 89 the way the WDF is going.

so the Freudian slip might actually be an omen...... Go CATS!!

I enjoyed reading this.. I love thought 1 though, my favourite!


Well I am a exhausted .

I arrived at jack Astors at 11 am and partied with alot of ticaty fans till about noon then wandered up John to front etc and saw the ticats parade of fans frio the 3 bars

i was very impressed by the ticats fans ..in that they were all so vocal unlike argos fans..

not sure maybe there were 10 - 15 ,000 of us but we were louder than the sittig ion their hands toronto fans

jacks astors provide great food and i saw alot of ex players dave hack , less browne and dave marler for example

my seats were in teh 2knd level mostly ticats fans ..i think toronto people must hate us because we chant argos sucj and oskie wee wee etc ..we are all loud adn alot of drunk people ...but hey we are how fans are supposed to be ..and they are not ...teams don't need armchair intelects ...

I was a bit shocked to see Tasker in for Onrea jones and webb in for braux ....and dile in for simmons

i would say that dile gor alot of penalties at least 2 ..ad did not handle mayben too well

tasker was good and gave them sopmething else to worry about

my guess is the OC begged austin to get tasker in ..just a thought

i thought our offence looked ok in the first half but burris was over throwing a bit ..

our defence played very soft in teh first half and could not figure out whether to blitz or not ..it seems

ray was calm and just tok what we gaev him ..i see webb got burned a few time by watt and durie ..

nto a good game for webb..i hope breaux is ready to go the grey cup as well as simmons

i thought banks did not progress and did not play well..and gable struggled in teh first half

I think we won thsi game because of half time adjustments ....our db's played a bity more aggressive and we stunted alot more and confused ricky ....we blitxed a bity too and got meore pressure on him ..

the key was henry though ,.,.he got into a rythem in teh 2knd half and more relaxed ..used his legs .... and did not over throw as much ..was calm ....the ticats kept the ball alot for long periods of tiem thus reasting the defence and keeping ray of the field .

burris gets the game ball for sure

i am exhausted now as i woke up at 9 am and drank more than i can remember starting around 10 am

i screamed all game making noise when ray had the ball
and chanhting argios suck or oskie wee wee ...

can't wait for the grey cup game ...these guys really showed some character today as well as last week ..

burris said it best that the guys wanted win so they can spend another week together ..wow that is great ...

right now i woudl not take anyones reciving corp over ours,. non import fantuz and gigueee and stala in reserve ..ellingson , tasker, grant, jones , banks as teh imports not bad either ..these guiys gave the argos secondary more than they can handle ..

i alos really like the special teams units now ..i mean beswick we all know is great ..but guys liek plesius , bowman , nadon , prime, murray , norwood are stepping up as well ..

This is a true team effort ...

we will have a challemnege to stop either calgary's or sask running game for sure ..but we are getting there ..

i sat and watched teh ticats celebrate after teh game and finding their friends and family

rico going out and bringing his little child on the field was nice

nadon and webb went right into the crowd..bartell was running with a tiocats flag...stala and ellngson poured water over austin and e,. davis and hobbs did the same to orlando ..burris looked so happy pounding the ground ...gable also fell to the ground and lied alone face down near the end zone ..these guys were resilient ...that is their MO now ..they don't quit ..and that is great to have in football ...

we still could use a better pass rush and maybe better coverage but hey we are young and improving

You should copy and paste this into 4 more threads.... it was a great read the first 2 times :roll:

Of course ... my bad. Henry's a vet, but even he's not that old! Didn't spend enough time proofing because I wanted to watch the western game.

Speaking of being rushed, there were a few other things I wanted to get off my chest:

  1. My thoughts turned for a moment to Markeith Knowlton after the game. He was a warrior who gave his all to this team for many years, and he would have loved to be going to the Cup. I'm sure he's happy for his ex-Teammates. While I didn't agree with the roster decision at the time, clearly the coaches have put together a strong defence, and it's hard to complain about anything now.

  2. I also thought (for the most fleeting of moments) about another ex-Cat ... I believe he returned punts for us for a year or two, but then he refused to show up this year. Well, fella, turns out we're better without ya than we ever were with ya. Enjoy your practices.

  3. Great to see 4 different teams represent the East in the Grey Cup in 4 consecutive years. Three in 3 years in the West as well (too bad Edmonton is so awful). Not as great that our rival will be playing at home, following 2 consecutive home wins in the last two Cups.

  4. Anyone who thinks the referees are always against us would do well to remember, in the years to come, that some calls went our way this post-season.

  5. I hope Hufnagel enjoys watching Burris play in the Grey Cup.

  6. More importantly, I sure hope we have an answer for Saskatchewan's run game.

I also had the exact same thoughts about that particular ex-Cat too. He could have been the top paid receiver in the league, with added playoff bonus money, and possibly (hopefully this isn't jinxing it) a Grey Cup ring.

But no. He left. Too bad for him.

Austin and his staff out coached the Argo’s crew. The Argos couldn’t solve what Hamilton was doing leading to a totally unproductive second half. Also, the Argos ran a totally vanilla offence while Hamilton ran a few plays that you knew immediately, were introduced specifically for today. Those three long passes on the Argo’s last real drive showed that panic had set in.

Hamilton completely took away the Argo’s ground game. Sure, Kackert was missed but Norwood is a decent back. I doubt if they ran more than ten times in the whole game. Whether they were unable to run or not interested in running, relying on the passing game was a recipe for disaster.

Actually, I thought that Hamilton outplayed Toronto on offence, defence, special teams and coaching. The margins weren’t huge but more than enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

82 was a semi-final. So you've only lost one. There, don't you feel better now?

I'd say the agos took away the agos ground game. Norwood had 2 carries.

I should have figured that one out too, since the Argos went to the 82 Grey Cup, and obviously played in the Eastern Final. Guess I blocked that sad fact from my mind as well. :slight_smile:

If anyone videoed Pigskin Pete leading the oskee wee wee in Union Station please put it on u tube :rockin: