10 players unveiled from each CFL teams' negotiation list

TORONTO — For the first time this year, the nine CFL teams have unveiled ten players from each of their negotiation lists. Clubs are required to do so on two occasions throughout the year following a measure approved at the 2018 CFL winter meetings.

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Wow, do ya think the Lions are looking for Reilly's long term successor?? Nine out of ten on their list are quarterbacks.

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It's not unusual to have a bunch of QB's listed. Since teams have been told to release names on the list, rather than not tell anyone, the names released publicly are generally long shots IMO.

Shows you the value that teams place on QB succession.

I still can't figure out why anyone cares

Because neg list players have value, even if they never play for the team that holds their rights. You should think of the neg list as the CFL’s way to draft American players. Only there are no rounds, and all the players are first come first serve.

Many trades have been done over the years simply to acquire rights to a player.

And like the draft, they don’t need the players consent.

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I appreciate you taking the time to write an explanation but to be honest. Just like power ranking, I can't make myself care

But the key difference is that neg list players actually help the league. Power rankings don’t.

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Some people may follow NCAA closely. This is a first step to building some name recognition for guys who may eventually turn up to camp one year. More recognition will get some fans more invested in seeing these guys and build interest in their CFL team, rather than a bunch of new names who just show up in a random Canadian city. In the past Ticats have posted videos highlighting some of the neg list guys each year. A few have come to camp that year or a subsequent year. Some folks may not care but it can never hurt to try to build interest in potential future players.

Someone needs to tell Edmonton that Matt Barkley is never coming to the CFL.

Why would they waste a neg list spot on a 31yr old QB who’s solidly entrenched as a career back up in the NFL?

This may be why neg lists are so ultra top secret.

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Or ultra useless…from a fan’s perspective

We’re the opposite here in Winnipeg. Mostly defensive talent on our wishlist… I guess we’re looking for another Willie Jefferson or two. The rest of the league better hope we don’t find 'em. :grin:

I think the fact that you can have 45 players (the size of a gameday roster) on your neg list causes some teams to make a few clear long shot picks.

There’s a big difference between a “long shot” pick and a complete waste pick.

There’s as much chance of Tom Brady joining a CFL team as there is of Matt Barkley joining a CFL team.

And that would be absolutely ZERO chance. Which is why it’s a complete waste.

It’d make much more sense to use that spot on a guy like Josh Love or Roland Rivers. At least there’s a remote possibility of those two coming to the CFL and being competent players.

Chad Johnson came to the CFL at the later stage of his career. Anything can happen