10 players to watch in the Division Semi-Finals

The 2021 regular season is over and the playoffs are on the horizon as six teams remain on the Road to the Grey Cup.

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A shame it's limited to 10. We could easily do 20.

I am noticing that the top placed players on this list are all QB's. Makes sense I suppose. The ability or inability for the O-line to block for the QB will be a key in every playoff game, making a good QB look very average, or phenomenal. With the exception of Harris this list comprises of QB's that can scramble. Interestingly enough the last time BLM played the Riders he was intercepted 3 times and did not do much running. I recall on one play, he had room and time to slide safely for a first down and missed, went down 3 - 4 yards too soon. I am not sure if he was just having an off day or was the defence doing something he just could not figure out. But he was a big reason for the Stamps loss.

Fajardo will need blocking help. The Rider O-line has been porous and I expect the blocking schemes will require additional help so he can pick out his outstanding receivers. In my humble opinion, the Riders have the second best receiving core, second to Montreal. The Als receivers have been fun to watch.

Massoli can scramble with the best of them and if he gets a little time he will do well. I look for Banks to have an outstanding playoff and lead his team to the GC.
Cheers to all CFL fans, a weekend of sweaty arm pits, pizza, chicken wings and screaming at the officials...LOL. Should be fun.

Yea, the quarterbacks in each game will be key players. Who knew? :stuck_out_tongue: