10 players to watch in the Division Finals

After an exciting Division Semi-Final weekend (understatement), it’s time for the next round of the 2021 CFL Playoffs.

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Well, that was lame.

What is going on with Shaq Evans. His body language is not healthy. He does not fight for the ball. 2 of the 4 picks were throws to Evans. He finished with -4 yards. Dude...play with some pride, your QB needs you! I hate to say it, but he is hurting the Riders and helping the opposition.


Absolutely been watching that myself along with my group,
Really "no effort"attitude in the games.
"Play with some pride" Hell I say Play with some RESPECT for your team and THE GAME!!

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I think that Shaq should write this year off and come back with a renewed mindset next season. It looked like he was running around the defender instead of fighting through for the ball. Cody needs to move away from throwing to Shaq if its not working and get Duke involved earlier and more often.

If his coaches start thinking he's just floating, there might not be a next year for him. Every game counts when you're a pro, someone is always behind you wanting to prove they want it more than you. He better have a good game or he'll be starting in a hole come training camp.

I really like the number 6 player on this fine list. My hometown Argos have found a real :gem: when they signed the very gifted Kurleigh Gittens Jr. Was his dad a former football player :sweat_smile: :rofl: :question: