10 players to watch during Labour Day Weekend

This weekend signals the end of summer and the unofficial start of fall, and no, it’s not because pumpkin spice flavoured drinks are readily available at your favourite coffee shops.

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What a great group of guys. Would not think the Argos would have a leak in their group or ship. This Leake returner is a clear and present danger that the Cats better be ready for or they will be washed away by the Argo wave. Cats don’t like being all wet but they can swim. All kidding aside, this is a sound and well-chosen list. :black_cat: :fish: :fish:

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Great picks. Most of the names I recognize and they are worth the price of admission alone.

Here are my 10:

  1. Ford ( Elks )
  2. Butler (TiCats )
  3. Collaros ( Bombers )
  4. Lemon ( Als )
  5. Hollins ( Lions )
  6. Hatcher ( Lions )
  7. Oliveira ( Bombers )
  8. Ouellette ( Argos)
  9. Betts ( Lions )
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For the Beagle:

  1. Austin Mack ( Montreal )
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Chad Kelly would say, I will be on that list next season, a thrill to be playing this season in the Hammer: just watch me. Go Argos!


Good catch Sundown. :rofl: I didn’t realize I only put 9 names down :rofl::roll_eyes: