10 players released

And they are:

Patrick Cobourne
Alex Chandler
Sir Snowdon
Justin Lawrence
Darrell Campbell
David Boucher
Kristoffer Doura
Marcus Freeman
C.J Hawthorne
Taylor Krislock


I guess its back to the castle for Sir Snowdon. I think at this point the Als know who they want on the team. Mr. Popp & Co. are now dealing with players/agents in regards to the practice roster. If Player A at a position cant /won`t stick around at $500 per wk, they go to player B.
There are probably some others that they are shopping.
Interesting that Cory Hucklak still on the roster although CFL Transactions of June 16 show him as being deleted.

Campbell is the only surprise on the list, but evidently a year on the roster didn't help him beat out Middleton for a spot at tackle.

Il n'y a jamais eu de David Boucher chez les Alouettes. C'est David Bouchard qui a été retranché.