10 million salary cap?

7.5 I can see. Even 10. Not immediately. Not if they came to terms tomorow. A few years down the road…if a few tv contracts are in place and international advertising starts coning in…yeah…i could see it. BUT…be prepared that the ratio will decrease to make room for global players and be prepared that ticket prices will rise.

That is all based in big ifs though

Where’s this new revenue so the League can add $2 million to the players cap (non including IR, per diems, player appearances, etc) ?

Even Ambrosie isn’t expecting the potential Mexican and European tv deals to be worth big money at this point. Down the line we’ll see.

“I think in the short term it’s not going to be life-altering money. But anything we get in that arena is going to be incremental, which is of course positive. It’s also going to expose our game to a new population of potential fans and get our league known in other parts of the world. In the short term, whatever money we’re able to secure will be great, but the real opportunity is to get fans outside of Canada and North America watching our game.?
Rich people buy very expensive cars. But buying a very expensive car does not make a person rich.

Increase the revenues so that you can increase the cap. We can’t put the effect before the cause.

Big leagues in any major sports have proven you wrong again. People want the best.
Even in a Bar with no chance of making big money or as you say!! Expense car. Really!

To which big leagues are you referring?

Yes, the big leagues pay more money, but they start by earning more money and then paying more, not the other way around.

I’m not sure what point you’re making about the Bar above. Could you clarify?

$1M removed from team expenses for the newly implemented VP - GM - Coaches and Operations Cap is a big step to be able to divert guaranteed Executive contract $$$ to Players contract $$$.

This is done using existing revenue, not new revenue,

one million removed? Good luck with that. The heaviest of the payrolls didn’t remove that, and the lightest of payrolls removed nothing.

Teams like Toronto and Saskatchewan are saving quite a bit, but the field is spending about the same.

The fact is no one actually knows how much $ is being saved from team to team in having the non players cap.
I hope the players get this disclosure during the latest negotiations.
I would only guess the average is likely $1M per team.

So then by your own admission, where would the other $1 million come from for the cap to go up to $7.5 million ?

Probably Montreal to, who had the highest head count.

Meanwhile, the Riders, for example, put forth a staff for about 500k less. Not exactly 1 mil…and if that is supposedly on the top end…

Fun with math

If the cap is set at $2.59 million, and savings average $1 million per team, that means teams would have been spending $3.59 million previously. In other words, they have to would be cutting their spending by 28% from last year if the $1 million guess is accurate.

Seems like a very high number, and I would speculate that teams would not agree to that kind of cut in a single season. After all, the teams collectively dictate to the league office, not the other way around.

true…but we can, in fact…take very good estimates. I laid out a Rider example in a previous thread, but basically, they trimmed 10% off everyone retained. We know that the cap is $2,588,000…we can therefore say that it was 225-275 K saved…call it 250k in the middle. We know they eliminated 3 coaching assistant roles…we know that those pay 60-90k…call it 80k average…240k. So yeah, about half a mil.

There is no way it is a mil if that is in the upper third for team ops from last year. No…we don’t know exact numbers. We do absolutely know there is no 1mil savings.

As they said when they brought it in…it was more to stem spending (stop scaling up overall) than to roll it back.

Yes, but the only reason or major reason this was reigned in is because of the current players cap negotiations, with the league and each owner knowing full well there will be an increase.
In another words, moving some of the pot of money around from the left hand to the right.

and? There still isn’t no 1 million dollars extra to work with. There still isn’t a half million dollars average to work with. If the Riders were in the top third then then there isn’t a 200k average savings to work with. And again…there are teams who never saved a dime with the ops cap. Those are just random numbers that some people have decided sounded nice and clearly never actually sat down and processed through to see where exactly this mil in savings was coming from…there is no substance to that number.

I think it is safe to assume there will be a player cap increase. Nobody knows what that will be. I have a hard time believing the new cap will crest 6.25 mil. I tend to think it will only increase 3-400k…perhaps less. The players are focused more on health benefits…they are not getting a big raise if they are getting bigger benefits. Maybe they get an adjusted profit sharing number and that results in a bigger SMS in a few years if all goes really well with foreign TV contracts and international advertising…but that is not here and now.

Shaking my head at this thing.

Double the payroll… 3 teams would fold before the season kicks off and a couple others would not be far behind, how’s that for job creation and security?

Why would there be an increase? Attendance and viewership is down… If I’m paying TSN, no way am I paying MORE.

Not sure why you are quoting me…I’m stating there is unlikely to be much there and that a big increase is pretty unlikely

…lol, sorry but reading this I picture a guy shaking his raised cane…my fault, not yours…

…I just want to make sure here well into this discussion that we’re not talking $10M anymore…agreed?

now it seems to “only” be 7.5 mil…that will be covered by maybe an average of 200k in savings from football ops…apparently.

I mean hey…maybe the Mexico TV contract comes through and surprises everyone…but the commish has already stated the initial deal won’t be ‘life altering’

Maybe if they put quick six down and use a papier-mâché horsetheStamps can saveenough on stable fees and hay? straight fd if it rains though.