10 million salary cap?

Now I know the title seem outta reach but who else thinks that the teams could do 10 mil a year, if the cfl split profits or whatever and let’s say by the end of the year each team has reseaved 5 to 6 million after grey cup and what not then team are look at 5 to 4 million a year they would half to put out, I’m sure almost every team in the league to do it except Toronto, I know Montreal and bc could they just need a team but I do think it’s possible or just have set the minimum salary to 80,000 and let the teams spend as much as they please cause that might be another/ only way to afford big names


and while we at it, lets put a team in Brandon, Moose Jaw, Lethbridge and Kelowna. :slight_smile:

And Larry, could you please fill me in on what you’re smokin, wink, wink.

Even the Saskatchewan Roughriders couldn’t afford a $10 million players cap, so there’s zero chance all the other teams would be able to. Randy Ambrosie would need to find around $80 million in new revenue in order for the players cap to rise to $10 million.

…I’m afraid you are an island sir…

Saying it won’t make it a reality. IF the total profit for the Grey Cup is, say, (very optimistically) $10M, and the host gets half, with the rest being split 8 ways, that leaves each team with just $625K.

I’m sure those numbers are nowhere near correct, but you get my point. There is just no way that each team will make 5-6 million after the Grey Cup. Most teams will probably be lucky to see a profit of $1-2M including their take from the Grey Cup. Which is better than no profit at all, as it was for some when the host city took all from the Grey Cup.


If you want to bankrupt the League tomorrow, then yes, a $10M Salary Cap would be great!

Could be worse, Randy pushing for Halifax. 8 to 10 million works. Spend more get more!!
Most winning companies go all in. Ya!! Halifax, Fort McMurray, Thunder Bay!!

What players could they get with a $10 million cap that they don’t already have with a $5 million cap?


Actually, it would bring in more players. Every year, they’re are lots of players that decline offers to leave their country for the pay. GMs spoke about how much worse it was late last season when the new league was approaching. I mean…there are FAs that would be making more on 2nd + contracts taking a pass on the CFL to try the new leagues…so imagine those that aren’t even in the CFL and planted some level of roots.

Not advocating for an unrealistic cap limit at this time…just sayin.

That does makes sense when there are alternate leagues like AAF and XFL. And losing out on any talent sucks.

But retaining the talent we already (or normally would) have is not going to make a splash with the segment of the market that looks down on the CFL as second rate. Upping the cap to $10 million is not going to get guys like Tom Brady into the league.

Having said that, I agree the league should do all it can to increase its revenues so that it can pay the players more–for the players themselves and for the sake of competing against upstart leagues. I just don’t think increased spending on players will lead directly to significantly increased revenues.

Well said. Increasing cap shows league has gone big time. Check out hockey cap
increases over the last 20 years. Big increase. Baseball today!!!
Sponsors have money and want the best platform available. League revenue would increase as will TV viewership. Big league profile needed. New commissioner wouldn’t hurt this process!!

I would agree with this for a combined players and current coaches and manangement cap.
Which roughly would be 7.5M for the players and 2.5M for the non players portions.
With the only exception having a franchise player rule excluding the cap.
It’s about time.

I think that there is a segment that would go to a 4 down variation either way. It is what they are used to and a closer brand if the game the the NFL dream they are chasing. Then there is the open contract aspect. These are all big factors…even guys like Canadian BC Lions pick Boyko is looking at it like that…and he wouldn’t come in at base. For many, playing close to home us obviously huge to. But with all of this…an equally big aspect is straight up cash. It is not talked about a pile in the media…vut it comes up now and then. Guys like Tilman and Jones seemed more open to talking about it. Always been an issue where guys simply won’t play for 55 or even 75k. Now a 10 mil cap…a rookie you really want you can offer low 6 figures. Huge difference. Apparently…late in the season last year DTs, for example, were near impossible to get.

I can’t see management and employees riding the same cap. You would pretty much need to unionize the staff

If they are both capped already…what is the incentive to combining it? A 3 way CBA sounds like a nightmare to be negotiating.

Rich people buy very expensive cars. But buying a very expensive car does not make a person rich.

Increase the revenues so that you can increase the cap. We can’t put the effect before the cause.

I think this and some previous postings for increasing the cap to at least $7.5M for the players is not as far fetched as some of the detractors here may think.
Especially if Randy’s CFL 2.0 starts showing some benefits with the international TV deal(s) as there are reports how Mexico has come to the table and will actually pay some decent money for the rights.
Plus, there is the new local TV deal coming in a few years and which should have a substantial increase not to mention hopefully the added games and exposure if Halifax is involved.
Bottom line, the players have been taken advantage of for many years and it’s more than time to bring them in for an substantial increase.
Most of the teams are making money, some very substantial like the Riders and the Esks, plus the league overall is in a positive fiscal point.

If we raise the cap to $10 million, can we pay the starting QBs $5 million and keep everyone else’s pay the same?