10 Grey Cup Guarantees

Here are 10 non-partizan(sort of) Grey Cup predictions.

1 - Having Hamilton in the Grey Cup guarantees a good party!
2 - Having Calgary in the Grey Cup guarantess a good breakfast!
3 - Guaranteed everybody but Hamilton is already sick of hearing Osky whatever!
4 - There is guaranteed to be some controversy involving a horse!
5 - Guaranteed that the fans on the losing team will blame the ref!
6 - Guaranteed that at least one Hamilton fan will try to get on the field after the game and refuse to leave until he is thrown in jail! (worked security at two Grey Cups involving TiCats, seems there is some code of honour in Hamilton involving getting thrown in jail after losing the Grey Cup)
7 - Guaranteed that water use throughout Canada will spike during the Half-Time show.....flush!
8 - Guaranteed Spirit of Edmonton will be the best party in Vancouver!
9 - Guaranteed Banks will not return a punt for a TD!
10 - Guaranteed that win or lose, the sun will rise the next morning.

GO STAMPS GO!!!!! :cowboy:

Nice. We'll need to revisit these a week fro now. :thup:

No guarantee that it won't be a better game than the 10-7 stinker of a game the Stamps and Ticats put up earlier in the season?

No guarentee that weather will not be a factor in the game?


Calgary will DESTROY the Ticats!!! The Stamps will win by 3 touchdowns or more. :rockin:

the sun never rises. that’s one guarantee shot down

lmao the hamilton fans getting thrown in jail

The Grey Cup will be carried in by two mounties.

Someone will complain about the half time show.

Chris Jones will not shake hands with the winning coach after the game.

....guarantee there will be a fully functional gravy fountain on my kitchen island next Sunday...

I wouldn't be so quick to guarantee that. :lol:

#3 is pure jealousy :rockin:

Gee, someone is a little bitter.... :lol:

You'll be bitter next Sunday night! And embarrassed by the demolition of the Hammy MRX Cats...

Also no sell out this year read this from the Vancouver Sun I believe

There’s a glass-half-full approach being taken by the head of this year’s Grey Cup committee that still accurately reflects where Sunday’s game at B.C. Place Stadium ranks in the local marketplace.

To committee general manager Jamie Pitblado, it’s not what hasn’t been sold but what has been bought in advance of the second Grey Cup game here in four years.

With just over 46,000 tickets sold, it’s highly unlikely the game will match the attendance of the 2011 Grey Cup, when 54,313 fans turned out for the last playoff win by the B.C. Lions over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The situation may prompt organizers to give away tickets to charitable outlets this weekend.

But Jamie Pitblado said Monday that that figure would represent a sellout in six of the nine stadiums in the CFL, that it exceeds the 44,710 who got in for the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ coronation last year and that it will still represent the largest crowd to see any game leaguewide this season.

The rematch between the Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who last met for a Grey Cup game in 1999 at B.C. Place, is also assured to surpass the 45,118 fans who watched the game that year.

“I saw the Canucks still had 200 unsold tickets for the only visit of the Blackhawks Sunday. The Whitecaps suffered down the stretch,? Pitblado said.

“It’s an interesting thing that’s happening in the marketplace.?

The fact approximately two-thirds of tickets have been sold to B.C. residents is a show of support for a game which is not likely to return to Vancouver after this year for some time, said Pitblado.

But he admits ticket sales this week also represent something of a referendum on the Lions, who had a losing record at home for the first time since 2009, a fact that played a hand in the firing of coach Mike Benevides last week.

A surge in interest in the Seattle Seahawks and NFL fantasy football were cited by Pitblado as reasons behind the sluggish sales, plus buyer fatigue from the 1201 game.

And while out-of-B.C. ticket interest Monday predictably spiked upward, several hotel booking websites reported a wide selection of rooms still available.

Pitblado said if the game is not sold out by the weekend his committee will consider giving away tickets as they did in 1999 when members of the military were given a chance to watch for free.

personally i'm not sold on the Esks party.

of all the Grey Cups i've been to, the one in Edmonton was the only one that I thought was the best.

2013 without a doubt the Riderville was by far the best by a mile.

Ticat fans start making excuses for losing by blaming the refs… 2 days before the game starts :cowboy:

Here's another guarantee for ya......Johnny "the one and only" CUPCAKES will continue to do his darndest to Win the coveted TROLL of the Year CUP :stuck_out_tongue: I know he get's my vote..vote early,vote often,voteJohnny,GO CUPCAKES GO.......GO JOHNNY GO..........Literally.....just GO......leave.......Good Bye....See Ya !!! :cowboy:

These thoughts and or predictions are NOT endorsed by Stampeder fans. Please keep your jinx's to yourself thank-you very much :cowboy:

Can't go to Riderville anymore...allergic to watermelon.....