10 CFL veterans looking for a bounce back season in 2016

Interesting article and story in the Sun listing the possible top 10 bounce back players from injury shortened/poor 2015 seasons to comeback seasons in 2016. Not surprisingly the #1 guy on the list has the initials D.D.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2016/05/20/10-cfl-veterans-looking-for-a-bounce-back-season-in-2016]http://www.torontosun.com/2016/05/20/10 ... on-in-2016[/url]

Not a bad list. I'd venture to agree with most of his selections. Not surprisingly, you're going to find players on that list who have battled injuries in the past few years.

Actually the only surprise to me is SJ Green being on this list. I mean some players would kill to have an off season like Green had where he still went over a 1000 yds in receiving and that's considered as off. By way of comparison with another sport it's akin to the NHL's Ovechkin only having a 45 goal season instead of scoring 50.
Personally I would switch out Green for Andy Fantuz who hasn't played a full season in the last three years and has had diminishing numbers each season he has been in Hamilton. Other then that I agree it's not a bad list and I agree with pretty much of the other 9 players listed on it.

I see your point, and at first I was like, "What the heck is S.J. doing on this list?" But I think it was a difficult season by his standards. The writer rightly acknowledges that more variables were at play than just Green himself -- we were a gong show last year offensively from start to finish and that affected everyone. But even then, his catch rate wasn't where it should have been and that reflected his lack of focus. When on top of his game, he's as dangerous as any receiver in this league. We want to get him back to that level.

Good point about Fantuz, though. I had forgotten about him. You have to think Austin will swap him out sooner or later for someone younger and cheaper.