10 CFL teams? The Gliebermans

I just read the article you linked to and no mention of the process by which the writers are selected. Maybe I missed it though. I'm not saying I have a low opinion but some of the writing I've seen on it isn't that great. That being said, yes, some of the writing we see in our supposed national newspaper the Globe isn't that great but at least I know the people are employed and hired by the corporation. I like Bleacher Report, some good reads.

I'm not deeply entrenched in my opinions, I'm always open to new information and suggestions. But there is a reason in academics that researchers write in peer-reviewed journals and why there are levels of evidence as to why a narrative review article is considered lower evidence than a systematic meta-analysis published in a peer-reviewed journal with explicit methodology provided. Not saying sports articles need to go to that length but I think some publications do tend to be of lower quality for a variety of reasons even if the actual writing or grammar of an article might be excellent.

As I say I like the Bleacher Report but ask journalism experts where it ranks and I have an idea that it wouldn't rank as high in their opinion as say the Economist, for example. That's a bad example since it isn't sports. Say maybe Sports Illustrated, better example probably.

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One thing I failed to mention is that in some fields, like history for example, a narrative review is viewed as much more academic than say in other fields such as medicine. So it isn’t that narratives and stories are poor journalism at all. For what it’s worth.

earl wrote:
" some of the writing we see in our supposed national newspaper the Globe isn't that great ....."

earl: Really? Not to hi-jack this thread but.....the reason I read the Globe and have done for 50 years, is because of the excellent writing and reporting. It's still the newspaper of record in Canada. Tell me where I went wrong.
You sure you are not confusing it with the Toronto Star? :smiley:

Maybe you missed the first sentence of the àbout us Bleacher Report link, Earl.

Bleacher Report is the world's largest sports network that is powered entirely by[i] fan generated[/i] content.
The articles are written by fans, and fans are not likely to be trained journalists.

That is referrred to again here.

Our community of [i]fan-experts[/i] creates hundreds of original stories each day,

and we publish their work to the millions of people who visit Bleacher Report on a monthly basis.
...and our wide reach delivers their work to countless sports fanatics across the globe.

Thus, for many writers, contributing to Bleacher Report is a superior experience than operating an independent blog.

You were right when you said they were bloggers.

While I'm certainly not a fan of the Glieb's...perhaps I should have pointed out that I am a fan of the "Silverdome", having watched many a game there myself. It is an excellent facility to "see the game" with sightlines rivaling Ivor Wynne. Lots of room to park and tailgate and easy access for getting in and out. From Sarnia it's only 40 minutes drive (providing you can get over the bridge in 10 minutes...which happens very seldom since 911 :roll: )

I would have no problem with the Glieberman's return to the CFL, providing they keep "Loonie Lonnie" away from the day to day business. Their money is good and I agree with the blogger/writer that they may do better close to their Detroit holdings.

I wouldn't be too quick to say "NO" to such a proposition...but in reality, I think Ottawa, the Maritimes and Quebec City should be priorities. NEVER SAY NEVER...it's actually a move S/W...but with a good eye on what happened the last time the CFL looked to the South. :roll:

It would take a lot of thought on the part of the B of G.

If a team in Pontiac makes the league stronger then great, it is an interesting idea.The Gliebermans on the other hand ,I shudder at the thought.