10 CFL teams? The Gliebermans

The Bleacher Report

Will it Take a Return of the Gliebermans to Get to 10 CFL Teams?

by Tobie Writes Correspondent

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This writer speculates on putting a CFL team in the down-sized Pontiac Michigan Dome.

...The Gliebermans are clearly bitten with the CFL bug.

In spite of Bernard Glieberman's recent real estate troubles,

they will still probably be rich enough to buy in in a year or so if they chose

and they probably still have the assets and bank connections to acquire additional funding if they wish.

They have money (or access to it) and aren't afraid to spend it on something they love.

There seems to be pretty good evidence they are CFL junkies.

They are hooked enough to buy into

what history suggests is a bad investment

(the CFL) twice already. Why not a third time?

Why not let them start a Michigan/Western Ontario team?

Please NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Did you read the entire article? :wink:

I miss them actually. Can you imagine if they got a team back and actually won the GC! :lol: :cry:

Must have been a slow news day.

I say this to the CFL B.O.G.
Fool Them Once Shame you (BOG)
Fool Them(BOG) Twice Shame on Them(Gliebermans)

:P Fool Our B.O.G. three Times Lock Them in the Funny Farm and throw away the key

If CFL fans want to see a 10th team sometime soon, they may need to back any approved owner, even one they may not like. :thup:

Support anything to expand to a 10 team or 12 or 16 and to be honest i Love my CFL but i would love to see 6 teams set up in the USA to challenge our Canadian conference or more …

Good read in general ! Makes ya think :thup:

Gliebermans have the cash and that’s what they wish to do with the CFL approval so be it lets not turn this CFL into some NHL bad habits of controlling peoples investments . Give them opportunity and help them to potentially better our league …( you never no unless you try ) …even if it’s over and over over again … but this would be different in totally different market’s you just never no …

Onknight wrote:

Fool Them Once Shame you (BOG)
Fool Them(BOG) Twice Shame on Them(Gliebermans)

Were you Dubya's speech writer? ....you got it backwards. :lol:

When in doubt, think quick like Dubya did and quote some "Roger Daltry" :twisted: :rockin:


Americans would probably be much more accepting of the Gliebermans methods of marketing than Canadians who can be quite, how shall I say, conformist in many respects. Just generally speaking, that's all.

Read the article and I will state that.......

Please NOOOOOOOOO, not the Gliebermens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is in big trouble is we start posting blog entries as news articles

Horrible owners in a horrible location with a horrible stadium.

Not sure, but I think this one is a non-starter. I'd give more consideration to a 19 year old wealthy Western student wanting to put a team in at TD Waterhouse than I would give this Glieber-fiasco.

bleacher report.
'nuff said.

I think the article was bogus!

True, Bleacher Report is about on the same level as this forum, journalism not at it's best shall we say. Actually there are some posters on this forum and I'm not including myself, that have posts here that would be regarded as gold standard English prose compared with some of the stuff I've read on Bleacher Report.

No way!


HfxTC, you may not agree with locating a CFL team in Michigan or the Gliebermans
but the writings in the Bleacher Report newsletter are of a professional standard.

Some articles from it are used on CBS Sports and Fox Sports.

Interesting musings but to really learn about The Bleacher Report read this.

our pieces offer true fan perspectives.

What's more, our stories reflect the diversity of opinions
and styles that are inherent in our massive writing community.

No other sports website exhibits more creative
and original content than Bleacher Report

Their stories are not the same old same old sportswriters spin doctoring.

Fair enough Ron but tell me, and I haven't looked at the link yet to be honest, how does Bleacher Report screen and interview their "reporters" before they are allowed to write articles? Do they go through a formal interview process with a resume and getting interviewed by a group like a lot of companies do? Do you need a journalism degree/diploma? Are there any standards for being hired or allowed to write? So far to me, it seems a step up from a discussion forum like this, more like a blog that anyone can create on the web, maybe a little step up from that perhaps.

As I say, I have to take a look. I agree the topics are somewhat more controversial sometimes than regular press articles but that in itself doesn't mean that much.

I assume those questions you're asking me about the writers are rhetorical, Earl,

I hope you wouldn't expect me to bother to find the answers to your questions
when you won't even read what I linked you to about the Bleacher Report

to see if your answers about the qualifications of their writers are there.

It's obvious to me that you have a low opinion of them
and apparently you are deeply entrenched in that opinion.

That's cool.