10, 000+ Playoff Tickets Already Sold

Par ailleurs, les Alouettes ont annoncé que plus de 10 000 billets ont déjà trouvé preneurs pour la demi-finale de l'Est qui aura lieu le 10 novembre prochain, au Stade Percival-Molson.

Sounds like a promising start. Als season tickets includes a playoff game I believe.

Hopefully they’ll have a strong start to the general sale which starts tomorrow. Maybe the tarps can come off.

I’m sure the game will be soldout. Glad to see the turnaround in Montreal.

Go Als Go!!

Based on a recent report, Boivin stating the team has been giving away tickets to home games this season, hopefully there is no need to do so and they can sellout the full stadium (24k).

They only sold 7500 season tickets… so its 7500 tickets they don’t have to credit or reimburse. Still net money, they didn’t budget on for sure.

This must be really hard for Bob Wetenhal to watch…

Well, I for one just bought 2 tickets for the playoff game. I think the team deserve To have a house full of fan to cheer for them with all the great show they gave us all year long. Like most of us I had zero hope going into the season but they gave a good show all season and I’m happy to spend $$ to buy 2 tickets. Also hope that many other hit the trigger.

Wish I was closer to MTL. I’d love to be at that playoff game.

I’m thinking about going to Hamiltion for the East Final if the Als get there.

Go ALS Go!!

Hot damn, good on you!
I thoroughly hope your faith and investment are rewarded. :slight_smile:

So do I ?

Alouettes de Montréal


Y'all want to witness the craziness? Hurry! Only 2,000 tickets left for the Eastern Semi-Final on Sunday!



Looks like we will get our 1st full house in years.I can only imagine the noise level as this season we have surely blown the DB meter with 15000 - 17000 fans going crazy.Can’t wait for sundays game with the stands packed to capacity.

Hopefully. But the tarped sections look like they are not available as of this moment according to the site.

Montreal Alouettes: 20,000 tickets sold for Sunday's playoff game.