10,000 more seats released!

While that is true here, it does not apply to all the forums...On the main page the last post is from the 15TH On the ticat page it is from the 16th....

We are not going to have different guidelines for each team....

That being said, what is the benefit of having a thread that says "10,000 Tickets left" then another for 8000 and another when it reaches 5000?
Seriously, why is it such a big deal to post in the same thread?

I don't even know whats goin on here, i been away for awhile. I guess couldn't the original poster edit the topic title, or maybe have a mod do it? It would be major kudos for Project Gotham Racing.

Does anyone want to use this topic to talk about the released seats and attendance? I want to hear about the numbers which is why I looked at this topic but all I see if people ranting back and forth. How about stopping the ranting and discuss the actual topic. Cheers!

You might want to start a new thread to do that in. HA!

Look jm02 I sincerely apolagize for not seeing your pm to me, but I honestly didn't see it and had no idea it ever existed until I saw your post here today. Anyhow there is nothing I can do about that now, but it certainly was not because I didn't wish to be informed. Perhaps you think I am ignorant, if so thats your option. Anyhow whats done is done and I am finished with this subject in this particular thread.
I wish to apolagize to gameseven for my part in dragging this out in your thread.
Any further comments I have, if any at all will be in a new thread if necessary and in the CFL forum.


TV Blackout tonight lifted

Only 35,000 sold. How abysmal. This city should be ashamed.

A few things:

(1) Maratime, this is not the first time Dupsdell has had multi attendance threads merged. It was done sevral times last year.

(2)Game Seven, don't sweat the numbers, all 35,000 of us will have a great time tonight at the game.

(3) Blackout lifted. Probably the right thing to do. It means they have one less blackout to lift later on in the season. (Really an non issue for me).

(4) Mods, thank you for the merging, thank you for the jobs you do. :thup: :thup: You don't get paid for it, and no matter what you do, someone always seems to be Sh**ting all over you. Perhaps Tom Higgins appreciates the "Mods" jobs and will make On-Field Officials out of you. After the crap you all take, your skin must be as thick as the CFL Officials.

Im off to BC Place now! :thup: