10,000 more seats released!

10,000 more seats have been released!

The entire West Upper Endzone is now available, only $ 24 each.

I think we're targeting 50,000 for Friday night!

Be careful gameseven. This is “another thread” about attendance for Friday nights game. You might get a PM warning like dupsdell or a wrist slap! Some people are way too uptight.

Sillyness I say.

Ohh nm gameseven I now realize the attendance thread is locked cuz someone is on a power trip. Hope you feel all big, tuff and buffed now jm02 for bullying a poster on these forums! Geez the guy (dupsdell) is harmless. But because he doesn't conform to you and all these anonymous people that complain about him his posts get deleted. This is a big time event thats taking place on Friday night so let it be!

dups showed his ignorance in refusing to look at pm's, then responding to JM as hesheit did. Harmless? maybe. Loser that this board can do with out? For sure. It was long past time to lock that thread.

Sometimes when people get pushed by others they tend to push back! Maybe thats a foreign concept to you, I don't know. Anyways yes what harm does it do if he/she/it (as you put it) posted too many threads on attandane? Was the world coming to an end? At least someone was posting something on here and about something that mattered and was relevant. Maybe was it because of Dupsdell's frequent spelling blunders that "he/she/it" seemed like an easy target to attack or bully?


Tottaly couldnt disagree more. What is the difference of his attendance threads by a guy from BC on the BC forum having the same thread every week or some guy from riderville with his threads every week of some lame heading with a punch of exclamation marks after it on the CFL forum part? Who cares about the he she it nobody knows what anyone really is on a forum.


I wouldn't mind if it was ONE THREAD about attendance. Dupsdell flooded this forum. If my count is correct they merged 5 threads together, and this guy still didn't get the message. The mods did their job. jm02 pm'd him. He chose not to respond. She asked him to read his pms by posting on his thread. What did she get in return? Foul language! I take my hat off to jm02 for taking control here in a situation that needed it.

Damned if I do, and damned if I don't. On one hand I have several posters complaining about him and his dozens of attendance threads, on the other I have people saying I'm a bully if I do what those complaining ask.

Maybe you guys should all put your heads together and decide if you want this forum moderated, or if you want a free-for-all.

Well I disagree obviously. This game was hyped up as more than just your usual run of the mill regular season game, it's a tribute game to Bob Ackles as well. So who cares if a few people get their undies in a knot because someone gets carried away with posting on a subject multiple times. It's a fan forum for gods sake. As I said earlier in the attendance thread that got locked...if you don't want to read a number of threads on the subject then just don't read them, it's simple. I read all the team forums and the CFL forum and often skip over threads that hold no interest to me..no big deal.

No sir this is wrong!

its not that simple.

For one thing, there is misleading titles that make it seem like a different topic, so you click on it and its "oh crap, another one of these"

Then there is how if you allow this kind of thing to continue, good threads get quickly pushed back to previous pages where they are too quickly forgotten.

Well it was a good thread. It's what was being hyped by much of the media (not just what some fan was posting here)...a huge crowd on July 18'th to honor Bob Ackles for what he has done for football. This was the story this week, sorry if you don't agree. I'm sure this story just like every story will play itself out and then other more important and relevant stories and threads will become new hot topics.

a single thread on the topic is a good thread. Multiple threads are just garbage.

...forum guideline #3 was being broken, jm02 was doing her job....fini...

Yes it was a good thread.
So what was the point of creating a new one, and a new one after that?

There is no problem with creating a new thread about attendance every week, its everyday that is a problem and sometimes mosre thatn one a day!
Why create a new thread? Post in the origional thread as the numbers change.

Dont forget!
Creating new threads moves others off the front page and many excelent conversations get lost because of unnessary new ones.

Take a look at the threads on this page. For god sakes the bottom threads have not been commented on for 3 weeks by anyone yet they are still on this page. Your argument about "good posts" being moved off the front page is hogwash. You guys just feel the need to complain for the sake of complaining. You guys just didn't like dupsdell and managed to get him bullied off of here. Pathetic.

I had no real beef with dupsdell, save for his starting too many threads, which was annoying and cluttering, until yesterday when he started getting ridiculous, so accusing mods of having an agenda regarding this is entirely false. I would suggest you perhaps check your facts regarding this before mounting an attack. I was simply doing what was asked of me by several others. If you would have picked up the private message I sent you last night, you'd have received an explanation, but since you'd rather not read it and be informed, I guess I'll simply retract that message, and you can go on ripping me for a 100% correct decision. Please, feel free to continue...

Please re-send me the message, I am not ducking anything regarding the issue as you are now suggesting...I SIMPLY DID'T SEE IT. For god sakes I do sleep you know. If your going to send me a message give me time to look at it, don't retract it after a few hours. Now your attacking me by saying I simply don't wish to be informed by not reading my messages that I obviously missed last night. Classy.

It was there at ten last night, and at 7:30 (my time) when I posted this morning...sleeping has nothing to do with it...you posted between those times...I'm not resending it, as the explanations that are here now should be enough to satisfy. If they're not, it is no longer my problem.

...what is quite pathetic is a statement of general maliciousness that has no basis of fact...I don't even know dupsdell, never talked with him/her, never had a run in with him/her...so your accusation that I 'just didn't like' him is completely unfounded...jm02 received complaints from BC fans who psot here, saw for herself a violation of forum guideline #3, offered to discuss the issue with dupsdell and was denied contact and did what she has been asked to do by the site admin...