10,000 Losses

The four professional sports franchises in Philadelphia have accumulated over ten thousand losses combined since the city's last championship.

Just something to keep in mind the next time someone goes on a rant on here.

Let's put this into perspective, how many wins have they had in that time?

Perspective is exactly the point of this thread. I don't know how many wins and not about to spend the time researching it. The loss number was mentioned on the Phillies/Rockies broadcast in reference to how frustrated the typical Philadelphia sports fan is.

The TiCats are rebuilding. Yes, they were supposed to be re building the past couple of year, but mistakes were made and since corrected. It's a team full of rookies and stupid rookie mistakes have cost them a couple victories this year.

I'd rather see a team rebuild and suffer on the win/loss record, improve and then contend for a championship than continually whallow in mediocrity.

Ockham, with all due respect, I think you’re mistaken.

The four Philadelphia teams haven’t played 10,000 games since their last championship, let alone lost 10,000 games.

The 76’s won a championship in 1983. That’s 24 years ago. (Of interest, Philadelphia’s current streak of 24 years without a championship is longer than that of any other four-sport city.)

So, let’s calculate…

There are 162 games in the baseball season.

162 x 24 years = 3888

There are 16 games in the football season.

16 x 24 years = 384

There are 82 games in both the basketball and hockey seasons.

82 x 24 years x 2 teams = 3936

Combined, these teams have only played 8208 games.

Now, I am sure what you meant to say is…

The Philadephia Phillies have lost 10,000 games since their inception, over 125 years ago. (10,003 to be precise).

With only one championship under their belts, the Phillies are certainly due. Heck, with a 24 year championship drought, the city of Philadelphia is, too.

162 games in a baseballl season.


Maybe. I haven't crunched the numbers. Maybe the four teams have played ten thousand games without a city championship.

Anywho...the announcers were pointing out how hungry the Philly fans are and I thought about us.