$10,000 fine plus a (sort of) one game suspension for Austin

The difference is Austin wins.

It's INCREDIBLY annoying. Lol.

I hate to say it, but for those who remember, it reminds me a bit of Meanstreak.

Altough Austin accidentally bumped the official, he should not have been suspended for Saturday's game. I know officials cannot be touched. But the fine is a good enough penalty.

 I'm disappointed with the league regarding this whole issue.  The official who made the ridiculous call that Austin was upset about didn't get disciplined in anyway.  Austin doesn't have a reason to be upset if that bad call wasn't made.  And on top of that,  the CFL decides 3 days before the next Ticats game to discipline their head coach.  This decision should have been made this past Sunday or Monday at the latest, not 5 days after the game took place.

 The CFL fumbled the Durron Carter ruling, the challenge rule changes in the middle of a week of play in the season, and now this.  Combined with the league's uncertainty of when Hamilton will host another Grey Cup, and inability to release the next season's schedule before Christmas, and its new logo, I have been disappointed with Commissioner Orridge so far.  I hope things improve.

I tend to agree with you about the suspension - or "removal from the sidelines" as he can still be involved in the game. And then there's this (from Scratching Post's Drew Edwards)

[i]"If there’s an ironic element to Kent Austin’s recent sideline incident and subsequent removal from the sidelines, it’s this: he’s actually been better at controlling his emotions this season.

I say this from both personal experience – I’m the guy who gets to ask the first question after most losses – and from chatting with CFL officials who deal with Austin on a game-by-game basis. It became a point of emphasis in Austin’s fourth year at the helm when he came to realize his conduct was having a negative impact on his team.

But all that hard work was undone in a single moment last Saturday when Austin made inadvertent contact with an official after what the league has quietly admitted was a terrible call late in Hamilton’s loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders."[/i]

So the league is willing to admit it was a terrible call (since when do officials take their cues to assess a penalty on one team from the players on the opposing team anyway?!!) but only "quietly which I take to mean that they've admitted it to the Ticats (Austin and others in the organization) but aren't going to publicly admit that the call shouldn't have been made - especially since a similar WASN'T made on the Riders during their game winning drive!

The league admitted last year that there were "unnecessary calls" on the Ticats (flags tossed that should NEVER have been thrown) during the first game vs Ottawa at THF -calls that quite possibly affected the outcome of the game. I guess they aren't willing to admit to a similar mistake this year, especially when it would make their sanctions on Austin appear overly punitive! In an upcoming game where the Ticats are already hampered by the huge number of injuries that they sustained playing 3 games in 12 days, they have been put at a further disadvantage by not having their HC on the sidelines and have given the team little time to prepare for the necessary changes to allow for smooth operation under OS on the sidelines ( And I don't mean that Steinauer isn't fully capable - he is). I'm not suggesting that the decision should have been made faster here - they needed to carefully examine all the circumstances - but rather that any removal from the sidelines is overly harsh.

In Drew's video interview with Austin, KA looked straight into the camera and said "There's incidental contact all the time". I take that as a shot-across-the-bow to the League, and that the Tiger-Cats are going to be playing VERY close video attention to the opposing sidelines and sending evidence of ALL "accidental, incidental contact" to the League for review.

I have to admit that I was excited for Orridge coming in to be the new Commissioner. So far, he has failed miserably at his post. With the BS that's gone on in this League over the past 2 years, I won't be surprised if he's fired right after the Grey Cup...

This ruling (along with all the other stuff ..)now confirms they hired the wrong guy to be commissioner. As much as people in Hamilton seem to have a dislike of Scott Mitchell, he'd have been a much better person for the job. I'm not sure if Orridge had any (or very little) experience in this type of position. I remember when he was announced with his background and I thought...what!!!?

The CFL has NEVER released the schedule before Christmas, it’s always in Feb or March.

Before Orridge:
2015 Feb 13
2014 Feb 12
2013 March 5th
2012 Feb 16
You can’t blame Orridge with the “uncertainty” of when Hamilton will host a Grey Cup. The city/Ticats must submit a proposal first and they haven’t done that yet.

In retrospect, having the HC in the spotters booth for a game that they have little chance of winning might not be a bad thing. It will give him a better overall view of the game to assess players. He will be in audio contact with the bench for adjustment DURING the game, not just at half time. It may also show OS'S ability or inability as a head coach

So I'm guessing that the sideline suspension and banishment to the booth also means that Austin will not be allowed access to the locker room for pregame, halftime or post game as well ? Does it also mean no access to the field for today's practice and tomorrows walk through as well ? I'm not sure if any of these situations have been clarified or not or if they have I must have missed them.

Austin has only been banned from the "sidelines" for this game. I'm sure he can go wherever he wants in THF before, during, at halftime and post game. Here's hoping he doesn't get hungry and try the concessions. Sure would hate to see a server get their hand slapped because they are out of hotdogs at halftime. :smiley:

I fail to see where the league has admitted anything

LMFAO !!! Yup I can see it all now :lol: Austin will take one bite of that dog and the poor guy serving it will be wearing the rest of it after Austin airmails it right back at him. :rockin:


That's because they did it "quietly". You just weren't listening.

As Kirk Penton wrote today, "Goodluck to the Tabbies getting the benefit of the doubt on a call the rest of the season. " yep. The Cats will be fighting the officials as well as the opposing team the rest of the way.

Yep. Who would have guessed that people reap what they sow?

So what's new?

I doubt the officials will do anything like that but you see by Penton's comments that the media hasn't bought what Orridge is selling. This is just more of the old boy's club strong arming... Been going on forever. The media was already not pleased with what the league did to Dunk and now this.

Big mistake...

That would be illegal. That would fit the definition of match fixing and could bring about criminal fraud charges. So I honestly don't see that happening.

Agreed. Such a stupid comment. The league and its officials are not going to start calling everything against the Cats. It would be absolutely bush league.

To be quite honest.. I'm getting tired of the CFL Media old boys club. They went on a witchhunt against Austin, because apparently they feel it is their jobs to decide what punishment is fair. Then when the CFL comes to a logical, reasonable and fair conclusion, they get all up in arms. It's getting really old.