$10.00 Dollar Tickets

On Thanksgiving Monday, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in an East Division playoff battle at Ivor Wynne Stadium at 4:30 p.m. As a proud partner of the Ticats, Scotiabank is offering their customers the opportunity to purchase Bronze level tickets for this Monday's game for $10 at various branches around TigerTown. WoW How much do season ticket's cost ?

Endzone seasons are $125, without discount they're $20 individually and with discount they're like $12.50 or something. $10 is mad cheap.

10 bucks for bronze those are pretty decent seats which branches I may just pick a couple up for me and the wife.

[url=http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5d167471670c7f7c16&m=fef717787d6500&ls=fe311270756c017d711675&l=fec31173736d0579&s=fe281571756000757c1c74&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe2e167077640c7b761c74]http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5d1674 ... 0c7b761c74[/url]

Now they are giving away tickets for $10? It's too bad it had to come to this.
The way the team is playing this year the fans should be snapping up tickets at regular prices

Shoulda coulda woulda, fact is people still aren't buying tickets depsite the fact this team is winning. It'll take a couple years and a couple times of stooping this low to get a consistently high attendance rate.

$10.00 silvers if your friend or family is a season ticket holder ! lol :rockin:

Wow Can't sit at home for this one ......Section 6 for $10.00 hahahahahaha now were talking . :rockin:

See now i can take my kids and wife for 40.00 plus tax ....now were haven some east end fun ... :cowboy:

Thanks :thup:

I know as a season ticket holder I will not renew my tickets I will just wait until they lower the price this just doesn't seem fair.I bought tickets from the Ti Cats the year they held the Grey Cup at full price then they turned around and sold them for $20.00. Oh well lesson learned

That was the last time i purchased season tickets ..... after The Snow Bowl . Tim Horton big give away now im on the other end of it . All go to the game at $10.00 all day all get off my couch and go sit beside some dewd that payed $55.00 dollars for the same seat .. You diehard's learn anything loyalty gets you no where ..Just get first dib's on playoff seats and the right to bitch more . Oh and hold on to your seat for the following year ..Yehaaaaaa see you at the stadium ...

let me guess , you also used a coupon for your anniversary dinner ? :roll:

This team is not really winning(losing record) and you really never know what kinda effort your going to see from them.

You people cant handle the truth A .....Sounds like another satisfied tigercat season ticket holder ...Nope no coupon for dinner but that is what its worth to go to our stadium ...$10.00 thats all . :thup: :lol:

Trying to fill The Wynne now a days must be real tough good luck to the team management. :thup:

8) Desperate times, call for desperate measures !! :roll:

Where did you see this? I'm a season ticket holder and would like to buy 4 $10 tickets for some friends and family. Is this also through scotia or can I get this from the ticats directly?

yes. I went down to headquaters this week and picked up 6 in box 6 ($55 each) for $60 ...no tax.

Never mind .. just looked back in my email ... here you go for others that are wondering:

We hope you can bring your family down to Ivor Wynne Stadium to help the Ticats celebrate Thanksgiving. We are offering an exclusive Thanksgiving Day special to Season Seat Holders for the October 12th game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in this eastern division playoff battle. You can purchase additional Silver level tickets in sections 6 and 8 for only $10! This ticket promotion will benefit Marwan Hage's program, Hage's Heroes, as $1 from every ticket purchased through this offer will go to Hage's Heroes. There is a 10 ticket maximum per Season Seat Holder. To purchase your tickets at a great price and for a great program, please call the Customer Service Team at 905-547-CATS (2287).

I went to pick up some tickets today and they said section 6 was all sold out except for singles. I think they could have charged $15 for those seats and still sold them out.

Anyways, maybe a big crowd for Monday, because section 5 seemed to be filling up as well.

Cats can not control whether a corporation wants to buy a block of tickets and offer them to their customers at a loss....give me a break folks

Cat's controlled it pretty good section 6 SOLD out sec 8 Sold out ..What is a loss when a seat would be empty if the seats not sold so it's not a loss ...Its 10 buck's a seat .
Corporation buy ticket's ? The offer was if your family or friend has season tickets you could could get up to ten ticket's at $10.00 a seat .....This was from The Hamilton Tigercat's .

Maybe your talking about Scotia Bank's big $10.00 for members ticket's ...

Give us a break they did the ticket's are 10 buck's ....That's a break folks