#1 way to make CFL high scoring/exciting again

Back on subject - i think the original poster maybe on to something but would like to hear more about the tests/ studies refered to in the original post.

Btw I know who mattsdad is and yes I think the real Earl Winfield may follow and post. I follow somewhat but never joined b4 for the very reasons illustrated in this thread, if you'd like to discuss that further I suggest we start a new thread for it so we can stay relevant to the original posters comments

Gee I don't know.....Are you the real "dave from toronto" ? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh course you do............ :stuck_out_tongue: apparently your'e one and the same,this pic confirms it :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: Game,set and match :cowboy:

Hey Earl Winfield 2.0

Warren Moon just called me and said he thought the Riders - Argos game was pretty good . Scoring wise.

Yes this is Earl Winfield. I am in Canada often and would love to see the game improve as I watch often as I can on ESPN and on satellite.

A few responses to those who were being rude in this forum. If you have an issue with anything anyone says on a message board. Why respond? Like so many fans. You think you know but you have no clue.

For those responding about the difference between 20 yrs ago now and that the clock rule was the same. Few things to note. the game is different. The NFL and NCAA have made changes. Those clock rules make sense. It is schematically and sensible with purpose like 10 yards for a 1st down 100 yards. The CFL game was about offense. It is no longer about offense.

This coming from a former offensive threat that made a living taking passes on the outside.

Return game threat? no so much today. Back then I could have made a few cuts and find the seam and go 1 on 2. Now you have to go 1 on 5 or be able to get lucky to turn the corner.

Why? cause formations in the kicking game and the size of players make it possible for kicking teams to take advantages over the return game.

I will post some other rules that should be looked at to make the CFL better. These are not blow out of the stadium style rules. These are rules that make sense schematically due to the changes of the overall game in the Canadian Football.


LOL, and Warren would be correct. You won't find a more entertaining game than today's Argos/Riders game. Overall, I have been happy with the first two weeks of the CFL season and I suspect that we are in for a terrific season.

Agree with you, the new rules especially the defensive interference has kicked in big time.

Good to see teams going no huddle as well and the pace of the game has improved noticeably too.

Have to admit as much as I was fine with last season, this season is more entertaining I will admit.

Think what these teams will be doing for scoring come mid season.

Remember, the D is always ahead of the O at this point.

I will tell you who did not like the game. Both DC's.

From a fans point of view this was a great game for scoring.

However, neither D looked very sharp.

It is the old O sells tickets but D wins the game.