#1 way to make CFL high scoring/exciting again

#1 rule and the only way it can be done is by having the 3 minute clock rule for the entire game. The CFL problem is not the rules itself but the game has changed too much.

When I played in the league we had the same issue with o vs d. The complex coaching schemes and the work they put into the game has not changed. The quality of players up/down the roster has improved. The star players are not as elite. But the one thing that always was there was when the ball is in the offense hands. The fans of that team felt they had a chance to get something accomplished in that drive. First down/field possession/score

Today everything changes causes of the clock rule. The game is different yet the same however the rules of the clock hurt the offenses.

When a team holds possession and move the ball 40 yards it takes up 9 minutes of the clock. The clock runs off out of bound plays, converts, first downs. It does not make sense.

Countering this rule will bring up complaints that the game is too long. No it will not. I know the NHL has almost no commercials compared to the days I lived in Canada watching games on Hockey Night In Canada. Limit the commercials and spot the commercials accordingly and you can provide more plays for the seconds that is used.

This is the only way the CFL will be great again. As of now it is dreadful football cause there is no responses in any game. 2 scores occur and you are left with 5 minutes left in the half/game and there is nothing you can do to get your team ready for the next series accordingly. Especially compared to NFL/NCAA.

The CFL must fix this issue or you will have someone drastically change the game like have 1 more player on offense. This is the road you will be driving down unless you make this change.

As a former CFL legend you must make this a fan mission. Make the CFL a great football league again!


Literally, no exaggeration, if that were to happen the game would take 5 or 6 hours. No thanks.

5 to 6 hours, psst - total exaggeration there.

like i said no it would not. we did tests last season and i know a few groups did more testing this year. it would take surprisingly 5-7 minutes more a half but that is with change of possessions (as they were done with current rules) here you would have longer possessions and more scoring. Quicker face-off rule (hockey) changed the pace of the hockey game.

Study assistant also showed that in hockey after each goal it is now 1minute shorter cause before it was at times 2 minutes from goal/face-off. Many of you probably do not know remember this.

The CFL is not a high scoring offensive league. The current new rules do nothing. It's all in the clock. Surprisingly. It's in the clock.

No exaggeration. The first and third quarters taken less than half hour on average. The 2nd and 4th quarters takes between 40 and 50, and that’s with only THREE of their 15 minutes played with clock stopping. How long would you think that a quarter would take if it was run entirely by 3 min warning rules? Over an hour per quarter. Add in halftime, you’re looking at minimum 5 hours.

The game is perfect the way it is. I don't see MLB saying let's increase runs other than the last major changes in the DH and lowering the pitching mound.

I'm with Prairiedog on this one. The game would be AT LEAST four hours long and five may not be an exaggeration. The clock stopping after every single play? Are you kidding me. Not a chance!

The clock didn't stop after every play in the high scoring 90s/early 2000s so I don't see the need to change it.

It's early in the season. So far I think the on field play is better than last year. Still lots of flags but that's an adjustment period with new rules

So far this week the games have been pretty good, I would not complain yet.
Last year different story hence the rule changes which are starting to work.

Is this the real Earl Winfield?

I’m an advocate of just making a rule that says:

No defensive player is allowed to be over 5’ 6" tall. :lol:

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Totally agree. The games so far this year have been better than last year and they will get better still as the season progresses. The tempo and pace of the game have generally been better this year too. Hopefully we will see even more no huddle offences as the season goes on.


I was wondering the same thing.

I have my doubts.
I don't think the real Earl Winfield would refer to himself as a former CFL legend. :stuck_out_tongue:

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