1 Troubling aspect of Bomber mini-camp

First, nice to see all the local hype, even getting media space amidst the Winnipeg Jets great Stanley Coupe hockey run.

However, I have singled out one very troubling part of this camp.

Where's Darian Durant?

Yeah, I know - Durant managed to beg off this camp for various reasons.

However, you have 30 WRs, 30+ DBs, many established guys like Harris, Demski, Lefrance, etc. all with good to great hands - so many new kids fighting to purchase a spot on a pro roster -

and your 2nd string QB, a certain CFL Hall-of-Famer doesn't come out?

You gotta be kidding me!

Obviously, what comes to mind is that both Durant and the bomber troika know the guy's arm and body are pretty much shot (at 34/35). He was a highly-touted signing given all his experience and if there was ever a chance to showcase his arm, his experience and his demeanour with up 'n coming players - THIS WAS IT.

If the bombers know the guy can't get the ball past most WR's ankle sockets and his visibility is deterred then you have to protect him. WHAT? If you have a defective player the last thing you do is protect him. Even Chris Jones shuttled this guy out of Regina faster than a bad fart. Jones took a bit of flack (other than his house-boy Rod Pederson) for the deed but has been proven right - as Durant washed out of Montreal with bad words, bad play and nothing going right!

If the bombers had brought him to mini-camp and the guy can't get 'er done they're in a tough spot. Invested in a signing bonus and salary - now they've got a dud on their hands. So cover it up until real camp begins - invent a minor injury for Durant to stand on the sidelines in a 3/4 parka taking in training camp vapours - and hope like the dickens he gets better. LOTS OF HOPE - NOT MUCH REALITY

At least if you brought him in now - and he can't get the job done - you inhale your signing bonus - give the guy 2 bus tickets back to Regina and start searching for another sideline Sammy to back up Matt Nichols.

Well that conspiracy theory could be correct.
Or...it could be that he was not asked to be there or exercised his right not to attend, or it was mutually agreed to not attend. Or he was on holidays.

Not many 10+ years vets attend mini-camp.

I get the feeling that it was not O'Shea's idea to sign Durant. Probably Lapo arguing the benefit of having a proven second string quarterback and one with whom he has history.

Agree with all the receivers in camp depending on well thrown passes to show their stuff that it is odd not to have the #2 in attendance. Easy to see a complaint about the 4th string guy who had trouble hitting targets.

My guess is the roster is 95% set. Might hang on to a couple of athletic types at receiver and db and pray they make a quick transition to the CFL game.

Patrick Levels explained it well in the CFL.ca story how it takes a bit of time. This is what I see in store for Gause if they throw him in. Very similar to Kyle Knox who even after watching for a year wasn't up to it despite the physical presence he was touted to be.

I can see the whole season derailed by Banjo Bowl and not sure the support for the boys will be as strong as it was previously. Lapo replacing OShea is a given and just a matter of time. Getting rid of the other two will be trickier.

Or maybe 18 - 0 is in the near future and they can work on changing the street name of Chancellor Matheson Drive to Mike O'Shea Way. Statue of Wad at Pembina intersection.

....First of all I'm not convinced at all that Durant's game is gone.....The dumpster fire in Mont. consumed him and I doubt he was a 100 percent into the game there...We will know better when he arrives in camp, and starts throwing the rock to new receivers, if his time has run out...Nobody expects him to be an elite qb. just a competent fill in, should the need arise...I think Darian will easily rise to the occasion :wink:

...As well..a lot of new talent at mini-camp..Watch out for this Gause guy..one to watch at tc and also the kid I predicted could be as good as Vandervoort ..Wolitarsky...he looks real good this year so far...Let's see what he does in tc before getting all googly eyed...but I'm predicting this guy is a diamond about to shine

I am with you in hoping DD is legit but really don't think he sees the field. Not the way NOS is wired. I see Ross being the short yardage guy. If Nichols does go down and Durant chits the bed / costs the cup it should be enough to sound the alarm and call for change regarding incompetent management.

I like Wolitarsky as well but think he is behind Coates on the depth chart. Hope they work him into the lineup and give him a chance to shine. Coates has the Medlock holder loyalty reward points on his side and is more likely to get a chance imo. I don't mind Coates as an upgrade on KFC / JFG. Whoever plays will see relatively few targets at that spot.

Curious if any of the new guys looked like a kick returner. Demski ?

From all reports it seems the Bombers had a very casual approach to the mini camp and maybe the reason for allowing Durant to pass on attending. More meet and greet than anything else it seems.

Sounds like most vets were light duty. Nic Demski, there but not participating. Darvin Adams coaching others etc

Sitting with a full roster as well so there won’t be too many more additions.

Bombers do seem confident in interviews. Hope they are right.

It was reported he could not attend because of a personal matter.

Hey gbill, what up?

Sent by the Bomber mods to discredit the infidels and nip the revolution in the bud? Good luck with that. Joking of course and happy to have you drop in. Pass along my regards to the two other good posters on the WBB board.

Worst off season in memory since Rheinbold showed up on the loaded to the nuts Harley they bought for him. Too bad they didn't get to keep the bike. Anyone remember Kevin McDougall ?

Durant had 6 months to do personal business and no credible excuse for the no show. It was a show of disrespect to the Bomber fans who show up with money and do actually pay the bills. The disrespect is nothing new since Wad Miller got hold of the keys and changed all the locks on the doors.

Durant can stay home and save us the bother of the crap he brings. O Shea will never use him or give him a chance to out shine Nichols and create a qb controversy. The whole veteran back up is a complete 180 from last year. What happens next year?

As it was in the past and shall be in the future. All hail MOS

....How many vets. actually show up at mini's ....not many...Unless Mini is still running the diner on Selkirk Ave. and they all went there....