# 1 selling N.A. football book at Amazon.ca , 2012?

O.K.? For 2012. What was the largest selling book about N.A. football at Amazon.ca?

hint # 1 : It was not only the largest selling N.A. football at Amazon.ca. It was in the the top 100 sales of any kind of book for over 30 weeks?

hint # 2 :cowboy: ?

It even sold over 100 copies at Amazon.com in the U.S , . :cowboy:

[url=http://www.amazon.ca/100-Grey-Cups-This-Game/dp/0771017448]http://www.amazon.ca/100-Grey-Cups-This ... 0771017448[/url]

Does it include the 100th grey cup or was this book published before the game ( in which case, it should be called 99 grey cups )?

No , but it has many fantastic full page and double page pictures [in black & white & colour] because it is quite large. Many that I have never seen before. This big book is much larger than any other CFL / Grey Cup book that I have ever seen or read. It also has the stories of OTTAWA and BALTIMORE...with NO CFL bashing... :thup: Every present CFL team is covered , as well.
The detail of the Canadian football Championships before 1909 , is also very interesting. :thup: So you also get some Canadian University football history. It is our game after all. :cowboy:

BINGO :thup:

I’ll have to get a copy of it, might check it out first at the library though.

Good idea. The chapter about HAMILTON is called " 1957 : TOUGH AS STEEL " but is does talk about other Hamilton G. C. wins , as well.