1 Regular Season Montreal game back in Baltimore

[attachment=0:rguf8tdq]Baltimore.jpg[/attachment:rguf8tdq]this could be fun. Montreal wearing retro Baltimore Jersey's playing the Toronto Argonauts back in Baltimore for a summer time game. Tie it to an anniversary date for the Baltimore team and play it in Aug. so the rust is off. I think it would do fairly well for 1 game and introduce some of the Baltimore Grey Cup champs at 1/2 time. Work or not work?

great idea. thanks

Not work.
The Baltimore stadium that the Stallions played in could accommodate a CFL field and it was torn down. The new stadium like all in the NFL are built around a 100 yard long field with the 10 yard end zones and the fans at either end right on top.
It would mean playing a game on an NFL sized field and with the narrow field too it would be a little crowded with the 2 extra players on an NFL field.
Maybe a pre-season game in June in Baltimore on an NFL field with 2 less players might work.

Worst idea ever!

What's next? Bring back the LV Posse?

Agree with you CanandianFan.

No disrespect to ArgoFan, but the idea is pointless and makes no sense from a football standpoint on either side of the border. :roll:

However if it did, they better make sure tradition and history is respected.
Hire back that 94 Vegas anthem singer guy . :lol:

For those who do not know what I am talking about, you missed out on something special. :smiley:

Even if there was an appropriate stadium, there'd be about 1000 people there. What a brutal idea.

I don't think its my worst idea.
Remember the Als were Baltimore and Baltimore had the highest attendance for 2 years in the CFL. Baltimore was the only non Canadian team to win the GC and a retro game would be accepted for 1 game.

Plus I wouldn't sell the CFL short, I thought for the 1 retro game they could have 25 to 30 thousand with some still remembering the team.

I question whether the attendance would be there for a one game 'one off'........

The Alouettes would also have to make sure they are not charging their season ticket holders for a game that they will not be able to attend unless they make a special event/trip out of it.

The stadium is an obvious concern.

I like it when ppull think outside the box, but I don't see this being a viable option.....

I can't answer to if this is your worst idea or not due to the fact that I don't really know what some of your other ideas were. On it's face though it's not a bad idea but I have to agree with others who say What's the point of it ? I honestly also have to agree with those that say it would probably be poorly attended. Outside of the small fan base club in Baltimore that still follows the league and annually attends the Grey Cup every year I don't think there would be much interest. You also have to remember that Baltimore has the MLB's Orioles whose season will be in full swing in August and with the city only being a 2 major league team town ( NFL-Ravens/MLB-Orioles) that most sports fans will be throwing their support and interest behind the baseball club . Even more so if the Orioles are playing well and in the thick of things in the division like they have been in recent years.

Maybe a pre season at most.

However If the point is to honour the '95 GC champs. They’re better off honouring them at a Ravens game during halftime and intergrade it into the city’s football history.

It’s the only place that can lay claim to a Superbowl, Grey Cup and a USFL championship team.

Honored at a Raven Game is best .

I agree the Ravens are very much loved in the city and a little ceremony at half time with a some members of the team especially OJ Brigance who won the super bowl and grey cup in the same city . OJ has ALS and I am not sure if his health is up to it but he is Loved by Baltimore . It would make a great tribute if you tie it in with him and maybe add a donation to one of his charities . That would make for a great day for all .

I was thinking of it being more of a promotional exercise for the CFL. Larger TV audience and possibly the Als ownership having a larger crowd than in Montreal. sad to say

I suggest that one of the last things in the world an American crowd in Baltimore to watch a Ravens game would give two hoots about is something a team in the CFL did.

Some folk don't understand that the USA and it's citizens do not care whatsoever about Canada and anything in Canada. It doesn't even register on their radar.

Sorry man but the more I think about this, the worse of an idea it seems.

The 1985 USFL Stars were called Baltimore, but played in Washington.


Plus, the reason the Stallions were popular was because the fans had nothing else.
There would be zero fan fare for a retro game.
Not to mention a waste of CFL effort .

I think it’s a terrific idea. It won’t happen - no place to play; but it’s clever.

Nice to see someone thinking outside the box.

Damn right they should...

...they had the best logo...

It does look sharp

I guess it's so sharp that we need to see it twice...

Redundant much?