#1 Receiver

5 catches, 196 yrds, 2 td's. Most of them in doubble and tripple coverage. Is there any doubt that Simon is the top receiver in the CFL right now?

Stegall has also been brilliant but Geroy has my vote.

Fernandez would get my vote as the Lions greatest all-time receiver but Geroy is second and closing in.

He has put up huge numbers the last 3 seasons and is a treat to watch.

Nice to see a player sign a contract extension for big money in the CFL ($200,000) and elevate his play even more.

its awesome to watch him make a 5 yrd catch and turn into a 50 yrd td. Thats what also seperates him from the rest. He’s the CFL’s Torry Holt.

Geroy Simon is by far the greatest reciever ever!!!! i meen come on hes great just watch him.

A guy who, when you're second and long, gives you even longer. Usually right into the end zone. Now that's a superstar.