#1 reason why Briles was hired. RGIII was about to join him

Been hearing that RGIII was about to join the Tiger-Cats. They said it could still happen but RGIII was to sign after Labour Day.

May I ask what your sources are ?

Enquiring minds want to know...I heard he was part of that thing that happened or will happen: so fire somebody already! ;D

Ask away but you won't get an answer. "Action News" does not follow the rigorous sourcing requirements of actual news outlets.

My affiliations with CFL personnel that knew much about the CFL discussion with Hamilton. It was a package deal that Briles was going to arrive in time for Labour Day game and sit in the press box and then RGIII was to be announced the next day.

Haven't heard anything as of now regarding the status of RGIII

Apparently Briles took the news very hard. He was excited about what could have been a great career in Hamilton and if RGIII was to arrive next week, it was going to be a fantastic story for he and RGIII.

This wasn't a one stop job for Briles as well. He was moving his family in 2018 if Jones/Briles was to remain on the staff.

Too bad it could not work out. A fantastic story could have come from this.

Where the f is the violin? Pleeeeeease!!!....

wasn't there a rule that you had to post a source in every thread you created?

or was that for one of your previous log-in's?

If this was planned as a package deal, I think it's even worse. It reminds me of the idea some years ago that the Ticats should bring Doug Flutie out of retirement, and Darren would also un-retire and the Flutie family would make a big splash of a reunion in Hamilton. I thought it was a ridiculous gimmick. So is this latest one. Who knows if RG3 still has it? Who wants to find out of the price is taking on the Briles baggage? In terms of farce, this is in Glieberman territory.

Agree steve, this is in the Glieberman's territory. But I doubt this will surface in any reputable media story.

Has it been mentioned, anywhere, how much he's been paid or nothing. O.K., it was in Canadian dollars .... but how much?

Correcting myself:

In above post, I meant to type "for" where I typed "or." i.e. -- How much he was paid for nothing to make this all go away.

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Heard the same rumour on TSN this morning, although they mentioned it was either RGIII or Manziel. But at least they said it was a rumour.

On another topic, anyone hear from Matt's dad recently?

Funny you should mention Glieberman - he's still around and tweeted this the other day: