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It should Be Retired... No one will ever be as Good as Earl Winfield

I think in the NFL, they have a policy where players can't change numbers unless they change teams.

I wouldn't want Bruce to change his number because it screws over fans who already have to contend with player turnover and uniform changes when purchasing expensive team jerseys.

Is number changing for fashion going to be the next money grabbing trend in pro sports?

I don't care what he has! It could be 98763.2 for all I care, if he rips it up like last season, Ill be happy! Perhaps he is leaving #4 for say...a newly signed kicker..UM?

I agree with this. On field preformance is much more important thatn what number he is wearing.

#1 should be retired...Casey Printers.

Owwwwww...... so wrong on so many levels. Nasty, nasty, Captain. :smiley:

But CP did get the last laugh on us last year. :wink:

I don't think the Tiger Cats retire numbers let him have what number he wants.

I don't like the idea of retiring number's.Hall of fame, sure.Name and number on wall's of IWS, sure.Statue in downtown Hamilton, sure.Retire your number, no thanks.


:thup: :thup: :thup:

Todd Dillon?


FYI: Bernie Faloney's #10 has been retired by the club.

There are a slew of numbers that with all due respect to Earl Winfield are as worthy of retirement as his #1, if not more. Garney Henley's #26 is just one obvious example. That is not to say I would not support Earl's #1 being enshrined if the honour were bestowed upon him.

I have argued here in the past that Angelo Mosca's #68 should be retired for his contribution to the team as a player and the historic identification he has with Hamilton and Hamilton football. The team's slant on this question is that once you start retiring a number here and another and another, you will run out of numbers. I think if you have 46 roster spots on the active roster and 99 numbers to choose from, even with existing number restrictions some accomodation to additional number retirements can be made.

As long as the number is in circulation, Arland Bruce can wear whatever available number he wants, IMHO. For sheer dynamism, Bruce wearing #1 should trigger the odd Earl The Pearl flashback for me. This is a very good thing. LOL

The pressing issue for me is this: Earl Winfield deserves to be in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. His exclusion to date sticks in my craw as much as Cris Carter's snub from Canton. I think I represent that thinking of most Ticat fans who appreciate their club's history that I will hail the day Earl gets his due.

Oski Wee Wee,


No, Bernie...Ruoff? LMAO

I salute Mr. Peepers and his bionic leg. A true CFL classic!

Oski Wee Wee,


How about 3.141592654...

That would make him a Pi-Cat.

Bruce can wear any number that is not retired and also an eligible receiver number. Number 1 meets both requirements.

The question of the thread is ridiculous. Should he wear it? As if it's up to us.. wow.

That's axiomatic!

It could be ideogrammatic...