1 point for missed field goul and no yards penalty?

before the season ends and the this form goes into hibernation give a thought to how the CFL can change some bush rules. I would like to see these rules, the single point eliminated and the no yards changed to free catch or you run like hell. With our field size I don't see the necessity of this rule especially 15 yards because the ball is in the air. Your thoughts.

makes sense to me. the 15 yards penalty is major and the 5 yards happens all the time and does seem unnessesary

the one point is because of the field position. because of the deep endzones alot of field goals come up short and end not blowing through. this now gives the returning team a choice, to take the easy 35 yard line by giving up a point or rise being stuffed on your own 5 or so while not giving up the point. and you want fair catch? thats the most boring playin in professional sports today. again like i told someone else on the subject...you want nfl rules than watch the nfl...dont try to mix them together

Hamilton being totally outcoached. Great first half by the Leos.

It isn't a single-point for a "missed field goal". A missed field goal scores nothing - not returning a ball kicked into your endzone or through your endzone scores 1 point.

Fair catch - no way!

Rules not same as NFL "bush" rules.

No thanks on either of your suggestions. Both of these would take excitement and strategy out of the game.

On the rule change subject, how bout in the final 2 minutes a "time count violation" means loss of down instead of just 5 yards?.....how many 3rd downs have teams taken the violation to wind down the clock.......plenty, so you lose the down, ball turns over, and the CFL great finishes would be back on, with the "first down " team getting at least a single last shot?

I like the 15 yard penalty rule if the ball is caught in the air. It saves the returner from getting destroyed by an opponent running full bore and trying to "time" the tackle by nailing the returner just as he catches the ball. He is totally exposed and an injury could be very serious.

What I DO get frustrated about is the number of times it appears that the opposition has given what appears to be the 5 yards but are still called for encroaching. It's got to be tough trying to estimate the 5 yards and by the looks of it the refs mess up more times than they are right. I don't know. Maybe it's just the way I see the game. I don't know how that could be addressed and still keep the 15 yard penalty rule.

time count violations are only a loss of downs for 1st and 2nd down, you cannot turn the ball over on a time count. its part of strategy. to just give the ball back to the other team would be dumb

That's an interesting idea Pantherprime. One reason why I dislike watching the NFL is because while there can still be 1-2 minutes of quality play remaining, the team that is ahead can take its sweet time [within the rules of course] and kill off the clock. In tennis for example you can be penalized a point for not getting the ball into play on the serve. In basketball you can still score even while the buzzer is going as long as the ball has left the shooter's hand. These rules are all designed to maximize playing time and not allow the team to manipulate the clock.

Rules are rules but they can be and they are exploited. This doesn't mean that they are always good rules. The team that takes the time count violation to take off an additional 20 seconds off the clock is using the rule to its advantage. And why not? But this does not mean the rule is a good one during the final 2 minutes of play.

I don't know about surrendering the ball like you suggest. Before you know it you might have players dropping to their knees faking a sudden injury before the ball is snapped if they thought the QB was about to blow the play and commit a time count violation. Perhaps make the penalty 15 yards with the time put back on the clock? 15 yards could take the team out of field goal range or deep into their end so the QB would be extra careful not to mess up.

The time count violation is suppose to be to the benefit of the team that doesn't have the ball, not the team with the ball.

Maybe the league should look at that rule more closely.

We should also make the field more narrow, play 4 downs instead of 3. Imagine that....

50 runs of 2 yards or less per game :thdn:
0-0 at halftime games :thdn:
A 12 yard pass is considered a 'long bomb' :thdn:
Watching 40 seconds tick off the clock between each 5 second play :thdn:

Man now that would be some crazy exciting football.

That is so funny YoEleven. I almost peed myself reading it. I'm still laughing. But you forgot one: shorten the field to 50 yards instead of 110 yards. Hey, if they do that they can play in GM Place where the Canucks play. :smiley:

LOL loved this post!!

Then you would have something called the NFL.

No Thank you, I like things as they are. It ain't broke, no need to fix it.


Its already written like that.

As for turning the ball over......No!


I half agree with Hammer14.

0 pts for a "missed" field goal. If the returner kneels, it goes through the endzone or the kicking tean downs it as it bounces around in the endzone then place the ball at the 25. If the returner goes for it, which most fast returners will on a longer field goal as the 25 yd line isn't that far away, then you still have the excitement.
I don't get alot of thrills watching them add 1 pt to the scoreboard. I would also hate to see a "missed" 25yd field goal that flies over any of the 3 sides of the endzone decide the Grey Cup.

As for the punting......15 yds if the returner catches it in the air and the 5yds are not given works for me but......if the returner lets the ball hit the ground then it's fair game. The returner won't be given the 5yds and the defense is allowed to down it (maybe these teams will hire guys that are able to catch). Too many "no yards" penalties for a bouncing ball.

GO LIONS !!!!!