#1 Player from 2017 CIS/CFL Draft

72 guys to chose from. Looks like no one from the 1st round have asserted themselves yet into CFL lore.

Bombers (as usual) got sold a bill of goods with the overweight and poorly conditioned Faith Ekakitie @ #1. Guy has barely taken a half dozen reps, Bombers ashamed to cut him loose as it makes their draft group look like idiots (they are). Faith will no doubt wash out of the league in a year or two - he's that awful. Bombers also had #6, they traded it away and got a kicker named Felix in a later round but were able to draft the galloping ghost Geoff Gray at #8 - who's still on an NFL practice roster expositon.

Don't know if Junior Luke has played much but for my money the #1 guy (so far) of the last draft is Sask'n o-lineman Dariusz Bladek, who's become a starter, first due to injury - now due to performance. Neither Dan Vandervoort or Nate Behar, both promising receivers (Bombers could easily have had both guys with #1 and #6 but obviously neither were ready for starting or significant action).

Bladek was the 2nd guy taken in the second round. Good pick by the Riders.

So that's my vote - D Bladek, OL

Winnipeg got a promising offensive guard in Quad Spooner out of McGill. Just needs a little coaching and experience. A few years ago they would have had to throw him to the lions, but now they can bring guys like him along at their own rate.
That's two years in a row the first overall pick has turned out to be very average. St. John in Saskatchewan kind of the same. The guy Ottawa picked 3 years ago 1st overall, all conference in the NCAA, is finally starting but hasn't lived up to expectations. Lauzon-Seguin in Ottawa is probably the best offensive lineman that came out last year.
That rookie defensive end in Edmonton, a 6th round pick, is doing well. Makes one wonder how well the CFL teams really scout the CIS. Just assume that a NCAA player is better.

Yes, I think most expected Q Spooner from McGill to go mid 1st or late 1st rd. - not #15 overall.

He'll need this year and probably most of next on the developmental roster to bring his skills up to snuff - main problem in Winnipeg is that they lost o-line coach Bob Wylie and Wylie would have been able to coach this kid up. Guys they currently have coaching don't have the teaching skills Wylie possesses.

Biggest problem for CFL teams is if a guy looks too good they have to either pass on him or select him (like Winnipeg did with Gray) and hope to heck he's defeated in his NFL quest.

Wpg got sold a soiled bill of goods with Ekakitie, I'm convinced - his development is stunted by his unwillingness to get into shape and condition. Could have had Junior Luke, Behar, Vandervoort, etc. (or probably 2 of the 3) with their standing in the draft (#1 & #6)

To come out of the draft with a dud (Ekakaties), an NFL pick (Gray) and a developmental player (Spooner) when you have 2 of the top 6 picks - PLUS #15 is completely unacceptable - but the bombers and their excusologists seems to have weathered the storm and talked most of the lemmings off the ledge!