#1 -- On His Jersey AND In HIS Mind


HAMILTON - Casey Printers regards his time in Hamilton as a life- changing experience, a period in his career when he grew as both a quarterback and a man, one which he wouldn't trade for anything.

``There are so many positives I took from the Hamilton situation,'' Printers says.

Wow! This guy is fooling himself, again, believing people will believe that!! I expect the only thing he truly misses about The Hammer is the big pay cheque.
Printers and Mike Jefferson/Danton should get together and see who can out-BS the other.

``There are so many positives I took from the Hamilton situation,'' Printers says. Ya about 1.5 mil :twisted: More like Stole!!!

When no CFL teams would risk taking a chance on him this past off season
apparently Casey ask himself what he could learn from all the negatives
that happened to him since he was first signed by the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I would say that Casey has done a little maturing and that's a positive.

I like what Bob O'billovich says in the article.

Printers experiment backfired on Ticats

By Ed Willes, Canwest News Service November 15, 2009

[url=http://www.canada.com/Printers+experiment+backfired+Ticats/2225764/story.html]http://www.canada.com/Printers+experime ... story.html[/url]
O'Billovich didn't say the quarterback divided the room when he was here, but he did say there were issues.

Most of those issues, of course, revolved around

Printers' salary - $500,000 per,

which made him the highest-paid
player in the CFL when he signed

and his production,

which, how shall we say, wasn't
commensurate with his pay cheque.

[i]The Cats' GM added he likes Printers personally, but,
professionally, things weren't going to work out in Steeltown.

....`It doesn't matter what position you play, if you're not doing your job
there's a tendency for other players to lose respect for you as an athlete.

It was more that type of thing where
there wasn't enough confidence in (Printers). ''[/i]

I like your explanation that his team-mates here ended up
losing respect for him because he failed to produce, Obie.

It appeared to me that the players didn't dislike Casey either.

He wasn't a 'Prima Donna' or a 'locker room cancer.'

That tag followed him here from B.C. and it drove me nuts.

O'Billovich went on to say Printers' mind was "muddled'' by his time with the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs which preceded his arrival in Hamilton.

IMHO Printers should rank with Oshea in TigerTown

I still maintain it wasnt his fault ON THE FIELD. As you have seen this year he still has the skills, and with the proper talent around him he can still be a winner. He flat out beat us today and I gained a lot of respect for him. It would have been easy for him to mail this one in and blame everyone but himself... but he led his team, acted like a leader on and off the field (At the half he waited for each of his teammates, gave them props and went into the locker room last).

We're in a great situation with Porter and Glenn moving forward, but dont mistake Casey's play here as his fault... he was the victim of a terrible situation, with terrible management, coaches, and teammates. He was certainly PART of the reason, but as you saw today he is far from done, and its not his fault he came here, TRIED his ass off and didnt make it happen.

Without Printers, the Lions don't win today. I don't think there's another QB in the league who could have made some of the plays he did today. I didn't see a lot of cases where our DBs were leaving their receivers wide open. Casey just happened to throw long, perfect passes -- quite often from a broken play.

At this point, I'd rather be advancing to the Eastern Final with a QB who came up big and may or may not think he's "#1" than congratulating our team on a good season that ended too early (with a humble QB).

Printers was great today and I agree he was a victim of a really bad situation, I don't care there is no one in the world even Peyton Manning couldn't have one with that O line and our recievers other then Pre Rod, So Casey best of luck I really do wish you were still in a Ti cats Uniform, I think this year would have been really special.

But still Glenn was great and can't knock you on that,

Lets just win.

But all you Printers haters. let it go and realize he wasn't trying to screw us over, and he wasn't a cancer in the locker room, I want to hear someone who has validity who was in the locker room tell me that he was a cancer, so stop saying that B.S. cause thats what it is. You know what there are people who say that Arland Bruce is a cancer in the locker room on here too before he came from the Argo's but guess what a friend of mine plays for the Argo's and said flat out and I quote " We loved Brucey, he was a great guy definitely not a cancer in the locker room, that was a management decision, and I know everyone loved him here." -his name is Andre Durie.

So shut up about a guy being a cancer unless you in fact have been in the locker room and witnessed it yourselves!

I agree with two of those three statements.

I never had anything against Casey and realized from the start that it wasn't entirely his fault that things didn't go well here. He gave me no reason to think that he was anything but a team guy and he gave it is best. He just didn't have the supporting cast and the system did not play to his strengths.

I give him full credit for playing well enough to win. As a person, I respect him because of something he did off the field and out of the spotlight. Ritch Dowrey (3rddown to many of us here) was violently attacked and his life was changed forever. Some of you may not know that he was a big supporter of Casey Printers. As a part of his therapy, Ritch was taken to a Lions' practice. As luck would have it, it was Casey's first day back. Not only did Casy pose for pictures with Ritch after practice, but he took time to spend with him and talk to him. He earned my respect for that more than anything.

I think he looked like an ass doing his little endzone dance (QBs just don't do that, IMO), but now that I'm past the anger, I don't really blame him.

My version of Mr. Zero is by far Casey Printers, Rod Black of TSN said that this guy is supposed to be a public speaker outside of football??? A public speaker for what at age 28 he hasn’t done anything??

Casey Printers came to Hamilton from the NFL, via the BC Lions in 2005 as he sat on the pine watching Dave Dickinson win a Grey Cup for BC, so Printers gets cheesed off in BC and leaves for the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs where he believes he will become an instant starter, instead back to riding the pine as a third string QB. A few years later he ends up in Hamilton to be the new transplanted star QB from the NFL to the CFL and the TI-Cats. The Cats give Casey a price, making him the highest paid QB in the CFL, although in three years with the Cats Casey Printers makes more enemies than friends, except for David Braily the ex-Hamilton Ti-Cat owner and resident from Hamilton who put more money in the BC Lions and possibly soon the Toronto Argonauts than he ever spent on his Ti-Cats (I always knew Braily was cheap).

The only thing that Casey Printers has done in the past 7-8 years of football is learned how to rip off teams like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and not give ZERO to the fans and community. Look at Danny Mac, I would pay to see Danny speak because he has something to say and look what Danny did for the Tiger-Cats, fans and Community (Outstanding). Or how about Michael “Pinball” Clemons even though the guy was an ex-Argo, what a great guy, player, speaker, community supporter the list goes on and on.

I believe Mr. Printers you must live life first, win a few championships, learn how to gain your first 10 million dollars and not on the back of (football teams you get a big salary for and play like crap) or give back millions in either money or support to your community, when you have reached that level maybe you to could be a Public Speaker, I knew Mr. Printers you received your training from the back of MAD Magazine but none the less, try and gain some real life experience first!!

Enjoy your game in Montreal against AC and the Als!!!

This post is crap and should be deleted.
You come across as a sore LOSER, I doubt you have first hand knowledge of the lives of any of the men you have mentioned.

You should SHUT UP, and the mods should delete this post.

WOW your bitter The only thing that Casey Printers has done in the past 7-8 years of football is is put us the tigercat's out of the playoffs dumbass.......read what you type Not all situations bring the best out of people but you going to blame this man for our troubles in the past come on grow up ...Negotiations are team created management wanted to pay him that much so The tigercats are just as much too blame at that time ..Don't dwell on our past because it will block the future.

Don't take from someone that has just beat your team ....he made more plays then our guy PERIOD ...as for public speaking geeezuz anyone who willing to public speak and tell our future anything should be someone that is a position of interest Any profesional football player ex or not ..Police men or women . politicians an so on ..You have to be older then 28 to be a public speaker ? Your venting but about all the wrong things ...

Sore loser is right ,,,,but if your not you sure came off like one after this post ...

I understand that you are upset, but if you want to be upset with someone it should be whoever it was that made the decision to pay Casey that much money without much evidence it was deserved.

He took what they were willing to pay and he can't be blamed for that. Any idiot would be smart enough to do that. He did the best he could while he was here and I have no hard feelings about that.

I was really ticked at his little endzone dance, because QBs don't do that, but he took it on the chin when he walked into that stadium so he deserved to rub it in a little.

From everything I've seen he is a great guy off the field and don't say he has given zero to the fans because that is a load of BS. He took part in events while he was here and was respectful and courteous to the fans (unlike a certain other saviour QB I could mention). I can't think of a single person who could be favourably compared to Danny Mac when it comes to charity. He set the bar. Other guys like Marwan and Nick have really done a great job keeping it up there.

Who offered this guy that much cash ...?

Why is it his fault ?

A team sets negotiations not a player !!

Tell me you get offered that money in his shoes what do you do ?

Stole no his contract was written up without performance on the mind of Hamilton Management they thought he would sell tickets and play good ...Casey was just half the problem that year


You should stop being so bitter about someone you dont know, it's not good for your health.

I am pretty sure that most Lions fans will take Printers over Glenn or Porter

I think the Printers haters should just let it go. He didn't play up to par, nor did the team. Casey wasn't the reason for our woeful years but management thought he and he alone was the answer to it. Big mistake.

He has also publicly admitted that he didn't play well here and his confidence was shot. I have a lot of respect for him that he took the step to correct his mindset with coaching and therapy if you want to call it that. Evidently it worked. He's been a treat to watch on the field, just not last sunday :wink: . Although, I have to admit, some of those plays he made were spectacular.

He's overcome his own adversity as our team over came theirs. He's been nothing but respectful of the Tiger-Cats and the fans since his return. I don't see why some people still have daggers for him. If you're going to spend your life hating on Casey I think you're going to be one frustrated bitter person, especially if he does end up on the Argos, because he's going to be in this league for a long time I think.

Great post.

agreed excellent post. the guy about mr.zero or whatever is completely arrogant. your going to tell that 25 year old ex meth user he's not old enough to talk to kids about addiction? i would hope not. you have no common sense and it might do you good to go to a printers speech if your unwilling to grow up on your own. what have you done worth talking about? im almost willing to bet printers has more insight to offer young kids than you