1 of Ray Lalonde's first call. Where to hold training camp.

The culture of our universities is to pressure goverment (tax payers) or create bogus fees to students (tax payers) and last few years they've been favouring international students who bring in more tuition dollars with no impact or control from us tax payers. Working with private sector is below them kind of attitude. But lets continue to pay to educate doctors and dentists for China :thup:

Isn't that what Mr. Wetenhall has already done with Percival Molson Stadium? How many millions of dollars has he contributed to the renovations and expansion? It's $7 or $8 million at least, isn't it?

I still find it extremely difficult to believe that McGill uses that field so much that there is no time for the Als to practice there. I'm not talking about the Als moving their offices there - just busing from the Big O to McGill to use the field for a couple of hours 4 days a week. They can hold TC somewhere else since the stadium is so busy.

Training camp will be held in Sherbrooke/Lennoxville/Bishop,as per RDS.

M.Desjardins praised the facility and the people in charge; it was a positive experience.

Training camp will begin June 5,2011.


How many doctors and dentists were educated in Canada in the past 5 years who then practiced in China Hfx?

Les Alouettes pourraient aussi regarder du côté des CEGEP, où les équipes de football s'instaurent de plus en plus, mais où il y a encore moins de moyens que dans les Universités. Les Alouettes auraient peut-être là une oreille plus attentive que dans les Universités.

Looks like Bishop it is for this year's camp !

[url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/article/alouettes-returning-to-bishops]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/article ... to-bishops[/url]

Still should be able to make it out to watch once or twice :thup:


You seem to have good knowledge of this situation. Now I have question not about training camp but about on-season practice. Why was it so hard for them to get practice facilities? While indeed the Alouettes are not at the level of the Canadiens, they are still a professional team. A professional team with money to spend. Just on the top off my head these are some football fields in the city:

McGill (Percival-Molson)
Parc Jeanne-Mance
Parc Lafontaine (not very sure about football field)
Parc Jarry
Olympic Stadium (inside)
College Notre-Dame

Le parc Lafontaine serait merdique.


Et je suis persuadé qu'il y en a d'autres. Claude-Robillard?

I caught a repeat broadcast yesterday of a CKAC Ray Lalonde interview he did earlier in the week. Unable to find a link to post.

In talking about a potential practice facility, he said that Mark Weightman had done a study last year of 20 potential sites, and that it has been narrowed down to about 3 or 4. He called it a "medium range" goal.

Ideally it would be financed like the Canadiens Brossard facility - the Alouettes themselves, a municipality, and a private sponsor.

He even talked about it having both natural grass and artificial turf fields and possibly even a bubble. And ideally the facility would house both the teams football and business operations.

I`m not making this up!

If it was anyone else I would say he was smoking some funny stuff, but the more you listen to Lalonde the more you are impressed. He certainly has an understanding of the whole North American sports landscape.

We shall see.

Damn, this is making me excited. Can't wait to see Mr. Lalonde sink his teeth into this job. :thup:

I was able to find the link to the Lalonde interview:


If you scroll down the page you see it in 4 parts.