1 of Ray Lalonde's first call. Where to hold training camp.

Would be surprising to me that Mr. Lalonde decides that the team hold training camp so fare away from Montreal. Made sense for Smith to do it at his alma but not a great choice to sell football in Montreal.

Quand les veaux sortent au printemps, la permière chose qu'ils font, c'est s'épivarder dans le champ. Ils sont fous comme des balais et courent partout.

L'idée de tenir le camp à Lennoxville n'était pas si mauvaise en ce qu'elle permettait de regrouper les joueurs plus facilement. Dans la grande ville, c'est plus facile de les éparpiller.

Mais pour le bien de l'équipe, il serait préférable de tenir le camp près de son attention médiatique essentielle, donc de demeurer le plus près possible de Montréal.

Ça ferait pas mon bonheur parce que Lennoxville est à seulement 50 minutes de chez nous, mais c'est la vie!

Secondly a permanent pratice facility that doesn't require hours of bus travel would be nice
Don't know how any team can pretend to call themselves "professional" and allow that to slide for so long...

I think it is a great test. If a rookie rather taste Montreal's finest instead of focus on his camp, makes the sorting that much easyer, but I understand your point.

A permanent practice facility has been discussed/studied/evaluated in the past ten years or so; more frequently in the past three years. Easier said than done. Unlike the Canadiens,the Als don't have $10 millions or so for a facility; yes,something more modest can be purchased/built but we are still talking millions.

The Canadiens are worth half a $billion whereas the Als are worth less than $10 millions.

In the past years Mr.Smith,Jim Popp,etc have looked at many options without solutions; again, if there were $millions available,a solution would be found soon.

I wish luck to Mr.Lalonde, but I don't expect a quick solution, unless Mr. Wetenhall decides to "fouiller dans ses poches".


Il pourrait prendre une option sur les terrains du CHUM. Ça lui donnerait un endroit garanti pour les prochains 40 ans... :twisted:

Not an easy fix for sure.

I'm curious...since you seem to be familiar with the issue...what exactly are the stumbling blocks?

I would have thought that any number of college/university facilities would provide a sufficient venue for Alouettes practices. Surely The Als could come to some kind of agreement with a or even a number of schools in the city for use of field etc?

Maybe I'm being naive, but it seems like a solvable problem...needing more creative thinking and elbow grease, since money is an issue...and since this problem has been hanging around for so long.

The number 1 stumbling block is money or lack of it.

If someone has $5 millions or so.inform the Als and a facility will be found/built before training camp.


Why do the Als need their own facility ?

Stamps workout at University of Calgary. I'm pretty sure the Argos dont have their own training facility.

But this thread kind of got sidetracked because I meant it to be about training camp which is upon us, I consider the Als practice facility issue seperate. With the amount of CEGEPS, University and first class public athletic facilities in Montreal it seems odd that something can't be arranged with minimal cost.

There are not that many adequate facilities in the Montreal area. Our Universities are unfunded and,few years ago, there were no football programs at MTL U and Sherbrooke U.

With regards to training camp,I presume that it will go back to Bishop or at Trois-Rivières. I definitely don't see the training camp in MTL.

The Als have always been treated as second or third class "citizen"; St-Jean was excellent for training camp,but with the War/mission in Af....the military needs came ahead of the Als; Stade Olympique was great for practice,but came the Impact and a new stadium and bye bye Als.Imagine when MLS is in next season.

Most other CFL teams can train where they play or close to it; the Als,once a game is played,they have to "vacate" and clean the place in 12 hours or less. They can't train there and they can play there on Saturdays,because the priority is to McGill Redmen.

Imagine if we had a losing team.year after year.


Is Quebec City too far?

Plus de 2 heures de route.

Les Alouettes devront se doter d'un terrain permanent, qu'ils pourront prêter à une école qui n'a pas de terrain, mais où ils auront la priorité.

I have been years away from Montreal but would Laurier or Lafontaine Parks be suitable?

Why are the Als not able to practice at Percival Molson Stadium? With all the money Robert Wetenhall has invested for expansion and renovations it seems odd that the Als can't use it.

First priority goes to the McGill Redmen, unfortunately.

How much do they use it? They can't be on it for 24 hours a day every day.

The university was never interested in having the als move in and I believe that was made very clear to the team. There is also no parking around during the day to accomodate a pro football team.

The team is heqadquartered in the Big Owe, is it not? Then why doesn't the RIO allow them to practise there?????

That's what I meant about finding creative solutions.
If Universities are under-funded in Montreal, why not throw a bit of cash their way to upgrade the facilities?
Seems like a win-win....if a university can get a renovated football platform and the Alouettes can get a relatively cheap answer to their practice conundrum.

Surely there's also some kind of mileage to be made from hosting a CFL team's practices?
Even allowing the college players to watch practice might be invaluable experience for them...certainly inspirational at the very least.